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Paddleboard Adventure on Marco Island! 

Marco Island Kayak Rentals

When vacationing at Marco Island, Marco Island Kayak Rentals favorite activities are the ones that include adventure! Whether it’s kayaking, paddleboarding, or jet skiing, there are so many options to make your Marco Island trip a memorable one! A super fun way to get out on the water is to paddleboard! If you’ve never been, here’s some info you should know before you get out on the water!

  1. Make sure to wear a swimsuit! Paddle boarding is, after all, a water sport. Don’t be afraid to get in the water! The Florida ocean is forgiving to first time paddleboarders!
  2. Choose a body of water that’s free of lots of obstacles like boats and buoys.
  3. Choose a sunny day with little to no wind. Wind makes it harder to paddle
  4. If your route requires that you paddle into the wind, do so on your way out so you can get a boost from the wind on the way back when you’re getting tired.
  5. Go with a friend so you can keep an eye on each other. Paddling with a buddy is always better. 
  6. Plan to paddle for about one hour on your first outing. You may get tired after that. 
  7. There are three main strokes in paddle boarding: 
  • Forward stroke: Propels your board through the water
  • Reverse stroke: Used for slowing down, stopping, and turning
  • Sweep stroke: Used for turning the board when you’re moving
  1. If you fall off and are trying to get back on, the most important thing to do is stay calm. To get back on your SUP after falling off:
  • Position yourself next to your board and near the center.
  • Grab the handle at the center of the board with one hand.
  • Let your legs float up to the surface behind you, then kick your legs while pulling on the handle to slide yourself onto the board.


While standing up paddleboarding, the most important thing is to stay calm! If you wobble, focus on something that isn’t moving. Paddleboarding may be difficult at the start, but once you get the hang of it, it’s like riding a bike. The best part about paddleboarding is being on the open water, wind in your hair and sun on your back, and the control that you have on the paddleboard to go wherever you want to go!  Paddleboarding is really easy, you just have to give it a chance! So what are you waiting for? Reserve your paddle board and start your adventure today with Marco Island Kayak Rentals!