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Biking with Marco Island Bike Rentals on Marco Island is a great way to see the flora and fauna of the island. Everywhere you peek, native wildlife, native birds and animals are all around you! The types of wildlife vary by season, but it’s always a good time to visit Marco Island. If sightseeing all the animals and wildlife is your goal, taking a bike tour of the island will definitely suit your fancy. Here’s a couple of animals and plants that we think you should look out for!

  1. Our favorite animal to spot on the island is birds! Between the white egret, black skinner, and brown pelican, the birds on the island are so unique. Whether you catch them at the beach or just on the side of the road, any of these birds are a beauty to look at. 
  2. Flowers line the streets of Marco Island, and there’s no better way to see them than on bike. The colors are vibrant, the kinds of flowers are so many, and each one is a bit different than every other one around it. Our favorites to admire are the Vanilla Orchids and the “Fruit Cocktail” flower. Each flower is colorful and unique, and we love to look at them on bike rides across the island! 
  3. While you park your bike at the beach, be sure to walk around and try to spot some dolphins and manatees! These animals can be found all over Marco Island’s beaches, especially if you look hard enough. 
  4. Last but not least, we will never get tired of the Southern Florida Palm Trees! The green leaves are refreshing to look at, and the big beauty of them gives shade from the Southern Florida sun! Of course, palm trees are not the only trees! Florida has lots of native Fig Trees, Paradise trees, and even Maple trees that are beautiful and native to the Marco Island area. 

Marco Island is beautiful. The natural wildlife, the animals and plants, and the beautiful surroundings make it warm and welcoming for your vacation. While you cruise through the island on your bike, be sure to keep an eye open for all that Marco Island has to offer. If you ask us, bike is the best way to explore the island. Leisurely sightseeing, biking past native wildlife and gorgeous flowers? There is absolutely nothing better than sightseeing on Marco Island! What are you waiting for? Book your bike ride today with Marco Island Bike Rentals.