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Kayaking is one of our favorite activities to do on Marco Island (and yes, we admit, we are a bit biased!) If you’re looking to make the most of your vacation, there’s nothing more that we could recommend other than a great relaxing or invigorating kayak adventure. With Marco Island Kayak Rentals, we make renting and returning your kayak so easy, you won’t have to think about anything other than the paddling! 


Kayaks have been a means of navigating rivers, oceans, and streams worldwide for thousands of years. Over the millennials, they have changed dramatically in speed and aerodynamics, but the general design and concept has stayed mostly the same since it was created. From the rustic boats of the Inuit Indigenous people, to the lightweight carbon fiber racing kayaks you see today, the kayak has come a long way since we’ve had them. Kayaks are our favorite way to explore the ocean, and we love the history and technical aspects of kayaks, too. Did you know these fun facts about Kayaks?


  1. The word “kayak” means “hunter boat!” Some indigenous groups used older versions of kayaks for hunting animals that lived near water! The oldest kayak in the world was found in Germany in 1577! Better yet, the longest version of an old kayak was 60 feet! We don’t have that big of kayaks for you to rent, but that’s sure exciting to think about!
  2. Kayaking was added to the Olympics in 1936! It’s a relatively new competitive sport! Kayaking was first a demonstration sport, seen at the Olympic games in Paris, France. The VIII Olympiad in Paris 1924 featured flatwater canoeing and kayaking. However, the sport was not accepted as an Olympic discipline until 1936! The true Olympic sport of kayaking started in the Berlin Olympic games in 1936!
  3. The farthest kayaking trip ever reported was 7 years! On Marco Island, you won’t find anything as competitive or as long as 7 years in duration, but you will still find lots of fun with your kayak rental! Of course, there is always the option to kayak ten miles if you’d like! We can certainly recommend some great places, and we’ll even provide you with a map of the best kayaking spots on Marco Island!


There are, of course, lots more kayak facts that we would love to share with you, but you’ll have plenty of time for kayak trivia when your adventure is planned and you’re in your kayak from Marco Island kayak Rentals! We’ll see you on the water!