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kayaking on Marco Island | Kayaking – Bringing The Essentials

kayaking on Marco Island

We love Marco Island for the kayak tours. Whether it’s just around the bay, or miles from the shore, kayaking on Marco Island is a blast! When kayaking, make sure to bring the best food options possible – you’ll need lots and lots of energy to get you back to shore. Wherever you start your adventure, be sure to pack snacks for after you’ve been in the sun all day. Here’s a list of our favorite kayak-friendly snacks that will give you the energy you need to keep on paddling and get back to shore. When your kayak adventure is through, we’ll be sure to pick it up from you. You’ll surely be tired, and may need more of the following snacks to get back home!

  1.  Trial Mix! You can never go wrong with the classic trail mix snack. M&Ms, raisins, and nuts? Yes, please! This small snack is energy-filled and protein packed! A little snack bag or a larger tub to share with the group will go a long way! 
  2. Cheese and crackers! Cheese and crackers requires some effort on your part, we will admit. Bring along an ice pack to make sure that the cheese stays chilled on the hot, hot day in the Southern Florida sun. However, if you can get your hands on an ice pack, this will be the snack of all snacks to keep you going out on the water! 
  3. Granola bars! These may feel like a packed lunch from primary school. BUT, don’t forget about those nutritious and delicious bars! Whether it’s berries and oats or honey and vanilla, there are tons of flavors of granola bars, and you can surely pick your favorite! 
  4. Fruit snacks! If you haven’t had a fruit snack in years, like most of us, we highly encourage that you grab some to take on your kayaking excursion! These bite-sized snacks are great for a quick sugar intake and will give you a kick of energy to get you back to shore! Plus, these are super kid-friendly! These snacks never, ever fail us on our kayaking excursions! 
  5. Lastly, we always recommend bringing some fresh fruit! Fresh fruits are the perfect way for you to stay refreshed and hydrated in the hot Florida sun! It does depend on the season, but strawberries are our go-to fruit of choice!

kayaking on Marco Island, be sure to always be prepared, and bring lots and lots of water. All of these snacks are the best way to make your kayak adventure even better! If you have any more questions, our team is always available to advise! At Marco Island Bike Rentals, we like to make your kayak trip easy. From drop off to pick up to snacking, we’re here for you!