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Favorite Native Wildlife To See on A Kayaking Excursion

Best Marco Island Kayak Rental Guide

If you are looking for a kayaking adventure, look no further than Marco Island Kayak Rentals. This beautiful island is located in southern Florida and is the perfect place to explore by kayak. You will see some amazing wildlife, including manatees and native birds. And don’t worry – we will deliver and pickup your kayaks for free!

Here’s some of our favorite native wildlife to see on a kayaking excursion.

  • Manatees

Time of year: November to March

Manatees are an endangered species, but native to southern Florida and warmer waters. The large sea animal lives in warm waters, and grazes for up to 8 hours per day. They like to be alone, or travel in small groups of 6. Manatees come up for air every 3-4 minutes. They’re incredibly graceful swimmers, but they are typically greater than 6 feet long. When you encounter them on your kayak adventure, you may only see their nostrils and nose. Usually, if you’re quiet and don’t splash much, manatees will get close to your kayak!

  • Black Skimmer

Time of year most active: November to March

Black Skimmer Birds are not native to Southern Florida, but boy, do they like to stay for the winter! These birds migrate down in November to the Gulf-side waters, and they typically stay through March or April. Their defining characteristic is their color: with a black body, white chest, and orange and black beak, these guys are easy to spot on the shore from your kayak in the water! Other great places for seeing these are Isle of Capri Paddlecraft Park, Caxambas Boat Ramp, and the Thousand Islands. Most conveniently, you can start and end your kayak adventure at these points (with our free kayak delivery and pickup!) After March, these birds start to head out, so book your adventure to see them while they’re still here!

  • Sea Turtle

Time of year active: May 1 to October 31

Sea Turtles are one of the coolest animals to see on Marco Island, and often, you can closely approach them in your kayak! Typically, sea turtles are active at night, so a sunset kayak trip is the way to go! They come up to the sand to lay their eggs, and hed back to the ocean in the early morning. Florida is home to five different types of sea turtles, so you have a wide variety to keep an eye out for!

If you’re a lover of wildlife and native wild animals, Marco Island has what you hope to see! So what are you waiting for? The beautiful birds, manatees, and turtles of Marco Island await! Book your Marco Island kayaking adventure today! at very affordable price with Marco Island Kayak Rentals.