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Most Famous Tourist Attractions in Marco Island and Naples

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Naples and Marco Island are the 2 most famous tourist attractions in Florida. Attracting tourists from all over the world almost throughout the year, the Islands are known for its beautiful pearly beaches. They are the best place to spend your vacations and have an amazing time. Marco island Bike Rentals have complete vacation packages that include fun and enjoyment for both adults and kids. Some of the top tourist attractions in Naples and Marco Island are as follows:

The Marco Island beaches and Naples Pier: The beaches you will get here are the best beaches all over the world. The finest beaches in Florida’s Gulf Coast where pearly white sand mixes with turquoise blue water. You will get to spend an amazing time over the beaches with Nature’s presence and experiencing wildlife.
Naples Pier is a popular landmark known especially for viewing the sunset and doing other activities like fishing or photography. It charges no cost to have a walk on the pier.

Cruises and boat tours: Naples and Marco Island have amazing cruises and boat tours for sightseeing from the water. The Manatee-Eco Tour and Shelling Adventure, Gulf of Mexico Sunset Cruise, The Marco Island Princess, and The Cape Romano are some of the popular cruises and tours that enthusiastically enhance the moments you collect here on your vacations. The cruises and tours offer amazing sightseeing of various wildlife, water life, and Nature.
The sunset and sunrise views look just superbly amazing when you are in the middle and water all around.

3rd Street South and 5th Avenue South: Every tour are incomplete without food and shopping. Streets in the South have brought you samples of shopping centers and restaurants to complete your tour. Cafes, high-end boutiques, ice cream shops, and whatnot, you will get here everything you need. The streets make sure you do not move out from here without buying anything.

Naples Botanical Garden: Passionate for plants? Or is green your favorite color? If yes, then this Botanical garden is what you must not miss. It has over 10,000 tropical plants over 170 Acres. The best place to dig deep into Nature’s Heart and feel the beat.

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary: Want to have a walk among plants and animals, then you must try out Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. It has a number of different species including wading birds, alligators, turtles, otters, critters and so many to name them. The sanctuary even has old tall trees of about 130 feet. Bald Cypress trees and many such old trees and present here in abundance to take you closer to Nature.

There are so many other places and various amazing destinations to explore with Marco Island Bike Rentals. They are home to hundreds of beaches and resorts with many cruises and rides both on land as well as water. Their versatility makes them a perfect vacation destination all over the world.