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Paddleboarding – A Summer Activity For All!


Summer is here at  Marco Island, and there are tons of activities for you and your whole vacation crew to do while you’re here! At Marco Island Bike Rentals, we have all you need for your summer activities to kick off right. If you’re an adventurer, we have got things for you to do! If you’d rather lie on the beach and supervise your gang having fun, we can make it happen for you! Whether it’s with the kids, or just on a girls trip, here’s an activity you’ll love: Paddleboarding! Here’s some things to know before you go!
1. Paddleboarding is for everyone! If you love water sports, you’ll love paddleboarding. Whether you’re a beginner, or this is not your first time “on the board,” you’ll find a day full of water, fun, and laughs. 

  1. Paddleboarding can be done standing up or halfway straight up on your knees. If you don’t have great balance, you can still paddleboard! Before we let you on the water, we’ll give you a brief tutorial about how to control your paddleboard and actually make it work for you! If balance is your fear, you don’t need to stand all the way up; you can simply kneel on your paddleboard and still paddle fast and effectively. 
  2. Paddleboarding is a workout! Your arms, legs, and core will be working hard for you when you’re paddleboarding. A couple hours spent on the board may leave you sore the next day, but you’ll feel accomplished afterwards! 
  3. Paddleboarding is funny for the bloopers! We’ll admit, sometimes you will not stay on top of your paddleboard. You may fall off. You may fall into the water or slip, or lose your balance! And that is okay! But your friends or family that are watching may truly get a kick out of your paddleboarding blunder! If they get it on video, no worries, you can re-live the moment over and over! Paddleboarding gives a thrill for all!

The best part about your paddleboard adventure is that you can choose how far and how long you want to paddleboard! When you’re done with your adventure, we’ll come pick up the paddleboards from you and your crew! No worries about the hassle of returning the paddleboard; we’ve got you covered! All that you have to do now is book your reservation and relax! See you out there!