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Summer on Marco Island is great, but it is also HOT! Marco Island is small enough that you could walk everywhere, from the hotel to the beach to the shops and restaurants and bars, but you may wish you had a faster, cooler way around the island. And wow, do we have a solution for you! Our Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals make it easy, cool, and convenient to get around Marco Island. Here’s a few reasons why our golf cart rentals may be exactly what your Marco Island vacation needs! 

  1. Our golf carts hold up to six people! Whether it’s you and your partner, or the whole family including dogs, kids, and grandparents, we have golf carts that can accommodate your whole crowd! 
  2. Golf carts are tons of fun! Smaller and more fun than a car, our golf carts let you feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your back. Our golf carts are a blast to ride in! Your hair will flow in the wind while you zip across the island! Just be sure to keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times!
  3. Our Marco Island golf carts are easy to drive and street-legal! All of Marco Island drives around on golf carts. Cars may zip past you, but they’re always considerate of sharing the road with golf carts! 
  4. Whether you’re just on Marco Island for a couple of days, or a two week stay is what you’ve planned, our golf carts can be rented long or short term. You never have to worry about how long you’ll need it for! And, if you need to extend it by a few days? Not a problem! We’ll work with you to make our golf carts work for you!
  5. Riding a golf cart around on Marco Island is a great way to get the views of the island without the hassle of a rental car. With our contactless delivery and pickup, we make it convenient to get a golf cart on your schedule!


At Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals, we make it convenient and easy for you to have a blast on your Marco Island vacation. Whether it’s just you, or the whole crew, our golf carts are equipped for all the endless adventures you can have on the island. And the best part about our golf carts? You can avoid the Florida heat! Stay out of the sun, and stay cool with Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals!