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How To Make Your Kayak Trip Family Friendly

Marco Island Kayak Rentals

At Marco Island Kayak Rentals, we know how hard it can be bringing little ones on vacation! From planning the trip, getting on the plane, and getting to Marco Island, we know that it takes so much work to get to the beach so you can finally relax! One of our favorite relaxing activities is a day of kayaking! This is sure to tire out the kiddos that are old enough to paddle, and the littler ones may even fall asleep while on the kayak! Here are a couple of ways to make your Marco Island Kayak Rentals family friendly! 


  1. First things first, have us take care of the delivery of your kayaks to the actual kayaking site! All you should have to worry about is getting your family to the kayak site! We deliver to both Caxambas boat ramp and Isle of Capri Paddlepark. Both of these places are close to the major hotels and condos on Marco Island, so you should have no problem finding your way around to them!
  2. The best advice we have for a day of kayaking is to be prepared! Pack whatever you may need for the entire day. A non-comprehensive list of our favorite things to bring kayaking are water, sunscreen, extra towels for a beach picnic, and even an umbrella (to shield the little ones from the sun)! We also recommend having your little ones wear their life vest all the time (even if they hate it). This means they’ll be safe wherever your kayak adventure may take them. Your kids can have all the action and adventure of a kayak trip, but also the safety of parental supervision and precaution! 
  3. Try to avoid tipping! Educate your young one on what kayaking entails! The ocean may look fun to splash in, but reaching over might mean that your little one will tip the kayak! (We don’t recommend kayaking for children under 5 or so!) Let them know the importance of wearing their life jacket and not to lean over the kayak edge!
  4. Lastly, when you’re done with your kayak trip, Marco Island Kayak Rentals Will pick up your kayak! You don’t have to worry about loading it onto a car or truck. Just walk out of the water, and we’ll take the reins! 


We hope that you’ll be safe while using your kayak! The safety and fun of your family are our top priorities. So what’s stopping you? Book your family-friendly Kayak trip today!