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With Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals, the visitors now can rent our street legal solar-powered eco-friendly electric carts to ride around the island trendily. After parking the car in a safe position, you can relieve yourself and feel the breeze playing with your hair while heading towards beaches, local shops, restaurants, and attractions that are all part of the Marco Island lifestyle. Moreover, with the continuous rise in gas prices, renting golf carts to get around the town has come into style, since all our carts are electric. Marco Golf Cart rentals offer a variety of flat-bed and utility-type golf carts that will ease the workload at any event or work site. Our golf carts and utility vehicles are great for transporting people over short distances or carrying materials for your event or social gathering.

Our carts are ideal for strolling around the beautiful Marco Island at a low speed, the limit being 35mph or less. The golf carts are restricted to being driven on the beach, bike paths, or the Marco causeway. Other than that, you’re free to drive all around the island and are very easy to park as well. Golf carts are the perfect way to take a leisurely drive to Marco Island Historical Museum, Cape Romano, South Marco Beach, and many more spots of tourist attractions.

Not only do we offer rentals for a short period of time, but arrangements can be made if the long-term application is needed with utmost responsibility. If you are thinking about safety measures, well we abound in that including seat belts, turn signals, mirrors, and street-legal headlights in case you find yourself heading out after sunset.
Marco Island Golf cart rentals offer two, four as well as six-seaters, transportation cars, utility vehicles, electric golf carts, battery variants, rental golf carts, and much more while constantly yearning to be able to give our customers a pleasant experience that they anytime would love to return to. The four and six-seaters offer a customized solar panel on the roof in order to reduce the carbon footprint, which will ensure that your battery is carefully charged by the sunshine while you take a small food break for a choco lave cake or complete some quick shopping. The open-sided carts provide you with a wholesome view of the surroundings while you can’t help but appreciate the sense of fun and freedom that this paradise offers to its tourists.

We are known for offering excellent customer service and support according to the needs and benefits of the customers. Grab your excitement and get ready to sightseeing at a beautiful place with Marco Island Golf Cart Rental at Marco Island. Golf cart rentals are a great way to explore the area. They’re perfect for those who are willing to witness the natural beauty of Marco Island with its mesmerizing scenery, without having to worry about getting lost or running out of gas on the way. Renting a golf cart from Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals is an best option for those who don’t want to make any long-term commitments.

Marco Island Bike Rentals is the latest exciting way to explore Marco Island at your pace. Grab your excitement and get ready to sightseeing a beautiful place with Marco Island Bike Rental Shop at Marco Island. We are proud to be the first to offer an all-electric fat-tire bike rental shop on the Marco island. Our Bikes are the perfect choice for those looking for a fun, efficient and eco-friendly style of transportation. With a variety of bicycle paths throughout the area, you’re never hunting for another adventure to tackle. If you want to focus your time on the best of the best, here are some best bike paths on Marco Island and Naples.