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8 Activities To Do While Visiting Marco Island 2023

Marco Island Bike Rentals

Marco Island, the largest among the barrier islands located at the southern tip of Southwest Florida is surrounded by 100 miles of palm tree-lined islands. The island features picturesque destinations to visit; from white sand beaches to Mangrove estuaries to world-class golf courses and many other magnificent places to explore. Get Rent a Bike to Explore the Beauty of Southwest Florida, with Marco Island Bike Rental.

The environment setup and the places in and around Marco Island provides both relaxing and adventurous activities.Sport different water adventures like fishing, boating, dolphin watching, kayaking, shell collecting and more on the Island.

We’ve prepared a list of some of the best activities and attractions for you to check out during your stay at the Island.

Wildlife adventure

Keewaydin Island also known as Key Island locally is a nature preserve located off the coast of Naples. The place is home to various wildlife species like wild boar, iguanas, bobcat, gopher tortoise, loggerhead turtles, and other animal species.

It is also a great spot to kayak and explore dolphins and other sea life along the way.


Looking for an opportunity to bond with your family and create that special moment? Then worry not! Marco Island gives you the perfect place to relax and enjoy fishing. The island proposes unique and customizable guided fishing trips and tours.

The best thing is that there is plenty of fishing opportunities all year long due to freshwater lakes, nearby rivers, and gulf waters.

A Pirate’s Treasure

If you have some pirate in your heart then this is an Adventure you sure don’t want to miss. Bring your family to take on a pirate’s adventure and set sail on a ship to discover the hidden treasure. 

Learn pirate lingo and indulge in pirate talk, get your moves grooving with the pirate dance, and defeat the rival pirate with water guns. 

There is no age bar, so it’s time to bring out the kid concealing inside you and have fun.

Water Sports

Want some thrilling adventure? You are at the right place. With many waterways and surrounding islands, the Island offers you with number of water sports and activities such as kayaking, surfing, boating, cruising etc.

Discover your sporting talent and take a tour of the island through parasailing, wave runner tours, marine life eco-cruises, and a lot more.  You can take boats, jet skis, and water scooter, among others and explore the hidden, uninhabited isles in the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife refuge. 

Ghost Touring and Museum Visit

Ghost Touring- Sounds weird and exciting all at the same time, right!! Marco Murder and Mayhem offers a unique experience for tourists with their ‘Frightseeing Tour’. Hear ghost stories for a spooked 2 hour ghost tour through the haunted sites around Marco Island with Martha Horror (known as a ghost expert).

The Marco Island Historic Museum displays the history and development of Marco Island. It tells the history of ancient burial mounds and related artefacts. The Museum features a replica of Southwest Florida’s Calusa Native Americans and their village that gives visitors a glimpse of their daily lives.

 Shell Hunting

Marco Island is famous for different shells worldwide and is one of the best seashell collecting places in the world. One can find variety of shells from conchs, tulips, whelks, sand dollars, scallops and many more. 

Tigertail beach is the most popular public each of the Island. It is a preserved natural habitats for shorebirds. The Tigertail Beach Park includes a tidal lagoon that splits it from the Sand Dollar Spit. The lagoon is a home to wide range of wildlife like crabs, conches, and fish among many others.

Scuba Diving

Explore the beauty of great depths with scuba diving. Walk through the water world off the coast of Marco Island including artificial reefs, barge and shrimp boat wrecks and natural limestone formations that hold an abundance of fish and invertebrate life. 

Cycling in Marco Island

Discover the charm of the place by riding a bicycle and exploring the island at your pace. Marco Island is a destination that does not disappoint anyone. It offers something to everyone, be it sporty adventurers, nature lovers, wildlife enthusiast, or anyone.

Tour the epic island destinations to discover its breath taking scenery, picturesque nature beauty and cultural traditions with Marco island bike rental. Find all type of bikes according to your taste and interest at Marco island bike rentals and keep your cycling spirit high.