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4 Things To Bring on Your Kayak Adventure in 2023

kayaking on Marco Island

Kayaking is great, this is something we already know. Avid kayakers around Marco Island (like us) know the tricks of the trade and the best things to bring with you on your kayak adventure. Marco Island Kayak Rentals available for rent, complimentary delivery and pickup, all you have to worry about is bringing our five favorite items that will make your kayaking adventure the BEST one ever!

  1. First and foremost, sunscreen! Do not forget your sunscreen!

A long day in the kayak calls for lots and lots of sun protection. Whether its two hours or eight, make sure you layer up on the SPF and reapply every couple of hours! The Florida sun projects a good amount of UV rays, so to avoid sunburn and heat exhaustion, we recommend reapplying every couple hours!

  1. A backpack or water bag of some sort!

Kayaking is great, but be sure to have some way to keep your belongings dry! Whether it’s the golf cart rental keys, the bike lock key, or your phone and sunglasses, make sure to bring something along to hold all of your belongings! Plastic sandwich bags even work, just be sure they can seal out water!

  1. Water, water, water!

You do NOT want to risk getting dehydrated out on the water! Heat waves in southern Florida can hit all year around, especially May-September. To be sure to limit your exposure, make sure you stay hydrated! (PS – don’t drink the salty water!)

  1. A picnic!

The best part of a kayaking adventure on Marco Island is the picnic you bring to eat on one of the Ten Thousand Islands that you’ll find on the journey! Even though you’ll be working really hard on the kayak, you can take a nice break in the middle of your adventure! Ask us beforehand, and we can point out the best spots to you!

  1. A towel (or a few)!

We can’t say it’s unlikely that you’ll tip your kayak, but when it happens, you’ll get the fullest extent of the Southern Florida Gulf Ocean! When you get back to land and your kayak excursion has ended, be sure to have a couple towels handy for the walk/bike/ride back! (But hey, at least you don’t have to worry about returning the kayak! We take care of all of that for you!)


All in all, Marco Island Kayak Rentals got a great day planned for you, and you’ve got a comprehensive list of what to bring on your kayak adventure! Give us a call to book!