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Love Kayaking With a Marco Island Kayak Rental!

Marco Island Kayak Rentals

At Marco Island Kayak Rentals, we love kayaking! We love getting out on the water, seeing the wildlife, and looking for dolphins out at the horizon! Marco Island is close to the Everglades and the Ten Thousand Islands, so all of the wildlife, flora and fauna are shared between these ecosystems. A lot of the same species of animals are shared between these three locations – Marco Island, the Everglades, and the Ten Thousand Islands. 

We love taking a kayak out on the water and kayaking as far as we can, either towards the direction of the Everglades, or towards the direction of the Ten Thousand Islands. There’s beautiful plants and wildlife whichever way you travel and whichever way you look. 

Seeing the beautiful plants and animals is great, but it gets even better when you can catch your own fish! Fishing is very popular on Marco Island. There are a few great species of fish to catch! You can even catch them when you’re on your kayak! Just don’t lose your balance and fall in!

First, the Redfish is our favorite species of fish to catch! Thanks to the fight they put up on the end of a line, you might think that this species is only reserved for the most hardened of anglers. This is not the case! As you’ll be exploring calm waters, anglers of all ages and skill levels can test their skills at sighting and hooking these fish; they’re great for a practice round of fishing. They’re great to catch! We love seeing the red scales in the water before they bite! You can test your skills out with these special fish! 

Our second favorite fish to catch while out on a kayak adventure is Tarpon! This is a silvery-looking fish. You can lure them in with fresh, live bait. These fish can range anywhere from 20 to 300 pounds, so you’ll have to watch your line with this one, too! This is super important: Tarpon is strictly catch-and-release on Marco Island. In order for others to enjoy the Tarpon too, make sure to always throw it back! 

Lastly, and least commonly, there are sharks on Marco Island! There are Hammerhead, Bull, and Blacktip sharks around the island. They can be caught with live bait. These guys like to hang out in waters deeper than three feet, especially near mangrove tunnels.

Wherever you like to fish, Marco Island Bike, Golf Cart, Waverunner, and Kayak Rentals can take you there! What are you waiting for? Book your Marco Island Fishing Trip today!