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Did you know that Marco Island is over 500 years old? Our historic island was settled in the mid-1500s by the Spanish settlers. They decided to christen it La Isla de San Marcos, after the Gospel writer St. Mark. But of course we’re not surprised that they chose a biblical name. After all, this island truly is heaven on earth! We love Marco Island for its history–where it came from, and we love where the island is headed in its future!

Marco Island was formally settled in 1870 when Captain W. D. “Bill” Collier of Tennessee arrived. The island boomed with clamming and fishing. The island was a place of commerce and growth. Captain Bill built The Olde Marco Inn on Palm Street in 1883.

By the 1920s, Marco Island had established contact with the outside world. The railroad connected to it was a great way for settlers to get to Miami and back. The island was accessible via rail car, and goods and people could leave and come back to the island at their leisure. The south-Florida island was still a well-kept secret hidden gem

Eventually, in the 1940s and 1950s, Elliot Robert and Frank Mackle dreamed of creating a “Hawaii of the East Coast.” They created a home to be inhabited among the mangroves. They created canals for waterfront home sites. These brothers truly built the island into the beautiful, welcoming tourist destination that it is. Marco Island truly got its start in the 1940s-50s.

Today, there are many year-round and seasonal residents, and vacationers alike on the island. Each person, family, and group comes to the island with one goal in mind: enjoy all that Marco Island has to offer.

Marco Island is a booming place. It’s popular food sites, fun activities, and white sandy beaches make it the perfect place to get away. Here at Marco Island Bike rentals, we are willing to supply the golf cart rentals to make your time on the island worthwhile. Marco Island is small, but getting from one end to another is no easy feat. Our golf cart rentals will easily whisk you from one end of the island to another, so you can spend more time enjoying the history of the island, rather than stressing about your island transportation.

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