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Planning a vacation for Golf Cart Rentals is stressful! Coordinating the flights, the accommodation, the transportation, oh my! The last thing you need is more stress! When planning your vacation.

Here’s a Few Things We Suggest To Make Your Marco Island Visit Go Smoothly!

  1. Read blogs, reviews, and articles about what to do and where to go on Marco Island! The easiest way to plan your vacation is by using someone else’s advice! Through articles, blogs, and reviews, you can learn what to do and what not to do on Marco Island! These reviews, blogs, and articles can get you familiar with what to do and where to go on Marco Island to have the best vacation you possibly can!
  2. Plan the time of year to take your vacation carefully! The summer months in southern Florida are busy, busy times for tourists. The slower season is September-November and January-March. If you’re looking for less crowds and more beach room, take this into account when planning your vacation! Otherwise, restaurants will be busy and beaches will be full!
  3. Plan ahead! Are you taking a flight? Get there early! Are you planning on transportation from the airport? Reserve ahead of time! Whether you’re naturally a planner or not, preparing yourself for the stress of a vacation will help make sure there are no surprises when you get to your destination!
  4. Figure out how you’d like to get around the island! Marco island is small, only 6 miles across! But, it isn’t great to walk everywhere! It gets hot, and your legs will tire out, especially if you’re traveling with kids! If you’re looking for the best way to get around the island, look no further than Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals. Our Golf Cart Rentals hold up to six people (enough for the whole family!) and reach top speeds of 25-35mph. Golf Carts are street legal on Marco Island, so you can whisk around safely!
  5. When you’re ready to leave, make sure to grab a couple souvenirs! Looking for a fun t-shirt? How about a seashell? Marco Island Shopping Centers have all that you could possibly need! Make sure to plan your visit to the shop before you leave Marco Island! We even have your jet ski rentals covered!

When you’re ready to jet back to home, give us a call! We’ll pick up your golf cart and send you away happy after your Marco Island Vacation!