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Marco Island Bike Rentals makes renting and securing a bike for your Marco Island stay very easy! ​​We have a variety of different types of bikes and accessories that can meet the needs of your entire vacation gang! We have two main types of bikes: electric and regular. Check out the differences between the two, and let us know which one you’d like to rent for your Marco Island stay! Questions about our bikes? Give us a call and we’ll happily walk you through it!


The easiest bikes to ride are our Jamis Taxis! These traditional beach cruisers have slim wheels great for taking a stroll on the beach. These are single speed bikes with pedal brakes. The Jamis models range from 18” to 26” which give a variety of speeds and capabilities on different terrains. The larger wheels are able to support larger riders, and the smaller wheels are great for supporting smaller riders. The Jamis Taxi doesn’t have any gears, so going up or down a hill won’t be easier or harder depending on shifting the gear. This bike is intended for a smooth ride on beach sand, or something like a breezy ride through the streets of Marco Island with the wind in your hair. Oh, and we know safety comes first, so all rentals include a helmet!


The only challenger to the traditional bike is the fancy newer electric bikes or “E-Bikes” that we have available for rental! All of our electric bikes are pretty rad! But also—we offer three Rad Brand E-Bike options: The Rover, The Wagon, and the Mini Step Through! All of these bikes are like the equivalent of renting a car, without actually renting a car on Marco Island. The Rad Rover can reach up to 20mph, and combines power with speed and design to make for a comfortable and satisfying ride. The Rad Mini Step Through is like your adventure companion: this E-Bike folds down! Carrying it across the Marco Island Lagoon is no issue here! And lastly, the Rad Wagon holds passengers! Whether it’s little babes, or a bestie in the back seat, this bike is like the compact car you didn’t know you needed! If it’s the case that you’re bringing kids along on the bike ride adventures, we of course, have co-pilot tag-a-long bikes, as well as trailers and maxi child seats available to add on to your rental.


Whether it’s an electric bike, or just an old-fashioned cruiser, Marco Island Bike Rentals can help you find the bike and accessories that you’re looking for! We can guide you through the process of what bikes will be best for you and your whole vacation crew, get the right gear picked out for you, and deliver them to your door (Did we mention that we can do contactless deliveries?)! We’re here to make your Marco Island adventure the best one you’ve had yet. Give us a call, and we’ll get you some bikes today!