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Are you headed out on your beach vacation and ready for whatever might come with it? Well, Marco Island Bike Rentals got some tips and tricks before you head out to make sure you’re prepared! The southern Florida weather has its ups and downs, but here’s a list of what you could possibly need when biking around Marco Island!


  1. First  and foremost, do not forget your sunscreen. Seriously! Southern Florida sun is no joke, and it has no mercy! We suggest that you apply sunscreen at least 3 times a day when you’re out in the sun. No matter your destination, the sun will be beating on you while biking. Ensure that you’re protected with lots and lots of sunscreen!
  2. Second, and we cannot stress this enough: water! Water bottles, a cooler, electrolytes – definitely bring it with you on your bike ride adventure! No matter where you’re going, a one mile bike ride or a sixteen mile challenger bike adventure, be sure to stay hydrated in the sun. 
  3. Third, we cannot recommend closed-toed shoes enough! Biking in flip flops will call for a less-than-perfect experience, and we seriously recommend some sneakers or tennis shoes. Flip flops are great for the sandy beaches of Marco Island, but we hope you don’t use them during your bike rental!
  4. Last but not least, we recommend a map of the island on-hand! Whether its on your phone, or a bit of paper printed out, knowing how to get around Marco Island is a must. We suggest stopping by the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce to grab a map and grab some advice on places to bike!
  5. This suggestion is optional of course, but bike rides are always better with a buddy! We recommend taking someone along with you on your bike adventure. With Marco Island Bike Rentals, you and your buddy can grab some bikes and hit the road! Of course, if you don’t have a buddy to go with, or your biking buddy would rather sit on the white sandy beaches, you can’t go wrong with a solo bike ride! Just be sure to have your map, your helmet, and some closed-toed shoes!


We promise that if you follow this simple checklist of things to bring with you on your bike ride adventure, your Marco Island vacation will be the best one you’ve had yet! So what are you waiting for? Book your ride today! visit: Marco Island Bike Rentals Now!