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Macro Island is one of the popular tourist destinations which attracts a large number of people towards it through its beaches, hotels, resorts, and various popular destinations. Macro Island is a city in Florida, the United States on an island off the coast of Southwest Florida and also a major city of Naples. Read here to know about Marco Island With Marco Island Bike Rental.

Popular Destinations

Some of the popular destinations or tourists attractions of Macro Island are-

Daytona Beach- It is one of the most popular beaches at the Macro Island. The beach has various beautiful resorts along with the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America and Daytona International Speedway. So, if you are fond of racing then this can be a perfect destination for you. Along with racing, the beach has various other adventures like surfing, paddle boarding, fishing, Kayaking, and much more.

Orlando- It is well known for its Cinderella’s castle at Walt Disney World. However, this is not only what you can explore at Orlando, but it also has a Museum of Art, Madame Tussauds, Science Center, Vietnam War Museum, and much more.

Tigertail Beach- If you love beaches but like fewer people around then Tigertail beach is the best option for you because the beach does not have many people as it is a little remote. So, if you want to enjoy the beauty of the place, it can be the best destination for you.

St. Petersburg- The place is home to beautiful beaches and top restaurants. However, it is famous for the world-renowned Salvador Dali Museum and Fort De Soto Park.

Some other popular destinations to explore at the Macro Island are- Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Pensacola, Destin, and others.

Things to do at Macro Island

The best thing that you can do at Macro Island is to relax in the natural environment it provides but there are various other things to do at the Island some of them are-

Boating- Macro Island is full of adventures like boating, surfing, paddle boarding, etc. You must unleash the adventures of the Island to the fullest.

Eating- You can explore the different cuisines and food on the Island. Various restaurants on the island provide the best food for the people. You can also explore breweries and wineries.

Fishing- You can also call the Macro Island as the fishing capital. The Island is very popular for fishing and you can easily find guides to help you in making your fishing experience better.

Shopping- Well whenever you visit a place, shopping is an integral part and Macro Island can provide you the best shopping experience through its shopping streets. There are various shops.

Golf- Macro Island is also famous as the “Golf Capital of the World” because of many golf courses on the island. If you are fond of golf, you must explore the golf courses at the place.

You can also explore Macro Island through various events like the Macro Island Seafood Festival, Marco Island Festival of the Arts, Mullet Festival in Goodland, Wet Paint Live, Marco Island Rocks Concert, etc. These events are held in different months every year.

Explore Macro Island With Macro Island Bike Rental

As mentioned above, the Island has various popular destinations to explore and different things to do so you definitely need a travel partner to explore the island to the fullest and for this “Macro Island Bike Rental” will be your perfect travel partner. Macro Island Bike Rentals provide different types of bikes from traditional cruisers to bikes which is a fun and eco-friendly way to explore the entire Island in your way. Not only bikes but Marco Island Bike Rental also provides Street Legal 6 seater Seat Golf Cart to rent for the tourist. So, you can get whatever you want at Macro Island bike rental to explore the Island. So, whenever you visit Macro Island just call us at 239-237-1573 or visit our website