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Your Next Vacation Could Be At Marco Islands in 2023

Marco Island Bike Rentals

Longing to visit the sunny, white beaches of South Florida but want to some solitude? Well, with thousands of tourists, Key West and Miami will surely disappoint you. But don’t lose hope as Marco Island has exactly what you need. Sparkling white, shell-studded beaches, clean waters, less crowd, and extraordinary sunsets make Marco Island a dream destination for people who want to enjoy nature in solitude.

Marco Island is a small barrier island located southwest of Florida’s coast and studded with beaches, marinas, golf courses, and resort hotels. Surrounded by scenic turquoise bays and palm-lined islands, Marco Island is an oasis that offers an adventurous and relaxing experience to tourists and travelers alike.

What To Do in Marco Island?

Marco Island may be off the mainland of Florida, but that doesn’t mean that it is any less than much-hyped South Florida. Marco Island has what it needs to be the perfect vacation for travelers and tourists alike. Here’s how you can enjoy your stay in Marco Island:

i. Enjoy the sparkling beaches
If you love Florida for its beaches, then you have got to visit the South Marco Island Beach. The long stretches of pure white sand and the scenic vistas make the south beach a beachgoers paradise. You can soak in the sun for as long as you want and enjoy dolphins frolicking in the water. And when it’s time to go home, collect colorful shells studded all over the beach.

ii. Visit the museum
For visitors who love to delve into the history of the place, Marco Island Historical Museum is the place to be. Inaugurated in 2010, the museum includes exhibits like historical artifacts, photographs, personal accounts, and more of the Calusa Indians who settled here and their journey of development from a small fishing village to a popular touristy place.

iii. Cruise around the island
Marco Island doesn’t only offer panoramic views of the gulf water, it also gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy the coast. Aboard the Marco Island Princess, visitors will have the chance to witness the enchanting coast of Florida. Your onboard captain will provide you a guided tour vividly describing the natural and historical aspects of the place. Visitors can choose from the many package options available to enjoy buffet-style meals and amazing exploratory excursions.

iv. Adore local art
For those interested in art, the Marco Island Center for the Arts would be a must-visit. You may have been to popular museums across the US and worldwide, but if you want a taste of local art, don’t forget to visit the Center for the Arts. The beauty of Marco Island has inspired local artists for generations to produce vibrant works of art. At the museum, you can enjoy beautiful exhibits from popular local artists.

v. Walk through the forest
If you thought Marco Island was just about beaches and surfs, you couldn’t be more wrong. The island has a nearly 2.5-acre preserve of tropical forest with numerous trails at the Otter Mound Preserve. So, if you have had your fill of the sun and beach, you can go out and explore these trails. All these trails are unpaved, making them perfect for bikers, runners, walkers, or anyone who loves the lush of the forests. Moreover, visitors can see many animals along these trails.

vi. Spend a day at Briggs Nature Center
If you love forests and animals, you could spend a day at the Briggs Nature Center on the neighboring Shell Island. The remoteness of the area will surely enthrall anyone looking to spend some time with nature. Combine that with the scenic trails and a variety of wild animals and you have the perfect outing. Visitors can see turtles, foxes, snakes, gators, bobcats, otters, birds, and more along the trails. Moreover, during the breeding season, a variety of fish, turtles, birds, etc. can be seen in their natural habitat.

vii. Take a sip of the best beer and food
The Marco Island Brewery must be on your list if you love craft beer and good food. The brewery brings to craft beer from more than 40 labels to tantalize your senses. A family-owned business, the Brewery does more than just serve beer. It aims to create an unforgettable experience with an indoor/outdoor bar, HD TVs, authentic food recipes, and a fantastic ambiance. Don’t let those empty stomachs and dry throats go anywhere else.

viii. Take a marine life tour
Fauna on Marco Island isn’t restricted to the forests; there is a lot to see in the waters as well. Wildlife tours are arranged by local tour providers and you can see sea turtles, manatees, dolphins, etc. You can also book a tour to secluded beaches where you can collect vibrant shells for keeps.

ix. Enjoy water activities
At Marco Island, you can also participate in water activities like waterskiing, wakeboarding, tubing, parasailing, wave running, paddle boarding, etc. with your friends and family. If you want the thrill of water sports, Marco Island has plenty to offer.

x. Be a part of a local festival
If you are in Marco Island during the third week of March, you can be a part of the 3-day long Seafood and Music Festival. This is one of the largest annual fests held on Marco Island and will make you want more. With endless seafood and non-seafood recipes to try, family events like cooking competitions, and all-day-long music, this festival will bring you back to Marco Island year after year.

How To Get in Marco Island Bike Shop and Around Florida?

Getting into Marco Island is very easy. You can take a ride from nearby cities like Miami, Orlando, Palm Beach, or Fort Lauderdale. One can also opt for jet service from Marco Island Executive Airport. However, it is the getting around that needs some thought. Though Uber and Lyft are easily available for trips around the Island, it may not be the most convenient and affordable option, especially for solo travelers and couples.

Such tourists or travelers can hire opt for Marco Island Bike Rentals to hire a bike for tours within the island. With a fleet of the best beach cruisers, they make sure that you have the perfect commute during your stay at Marco Island.

Choosing Marco Island bike rentals is the best way to explore the numerous nature trails that run through the island. Moreover, they give you the freedom to spend your time on the island hopping from one attraction to another. It is a fun, economical, and nifty way to travel within the island without the hassle of walking around.

Marco Island Bike Rentals offer electric, fat-tire bikes with a helmet and lock for your safety. You can also hire accessories like co-pilot tagalong, child seat, trailer, beach wagon, etc. to suit your needs. Moreover, you can hire them for a single day or the entire week according to your travel plans. They will deliver and pick up the bike wherever you want so that you don’t have to wait. You can book a bike over the phone or online and expect delivery in less than an hour.

So, the next time you think of a vacation, plan a visit to Marco Island. You sure will long to come back again to this beauty of nature!