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Shelling in Marco Island | Marco Island Bike Rentals

Shelling in Marco Island

The beaches around Naples, Marco Island, provide some of the best shelling opportunities in the US, attracting shell enthusiasts from all over the world. If you are looking for something to soothe your senses then shell collection on one of Marco Island’s splendid beaches is the best choice; as it gives you a relaxed feeling and acts as a fun activity. The delighting view of sugar-white sandy beaches bordered by the clear shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico where gentle waves regularly deposit some amazing seashells onto the shore gives you a soothing peace and helps you beguile your time.

Adding to that the fact that many of these beaches are nesting sites for birds makes your visit worth and much more rewarding. Moreover, not to miss nature, the best way to reach many of these splendid beaches is by Renting a bike from Marco Island Bike Rentals. Marco Island Bike Rentals is the best bike rentals at Marco Island will provide you a wide array of choices when it comes to selecting a comfortable bike to ride. You could go for a single speed bike with pedal brakes or if you think you could do with a little extra power, then perhaps rent an e-bike that would do as much as 20 miles an hour.

On your moments of collecting shells remember that the law prohibits you from picking up a live shell. So be careful while collecting. The best time to indulge in it is at low tide, especially after it gets dark. A full moon night is a very best time to go. It would be a good idea to put the shells you pick up into a mesh bag so that you can easily get rid of the much of the sand and water. The shells can add to your home decor in many ways. Clean your shells for display or refashion it into home décor items or pieces of jewelry.
If you haven’t indulged in shelling before, then Marco Island is the best way to start and capture lovely moments. You will find the whole process irresistible with the spectacular setting and the sheer diversity and beauty of the shells that you can collect.

If you are on the Island or thinking of exploring it soon, then you might want to visit Marco Island Bike Rentals before you head for beaches, bike trails or any other sightseeing places. Renting a bike is the best way to explore the whole island. Marco Island Bike Rentals not only rents your bike but also they provide you with the best comfortable options and ensure safety with their upgraded and well-maintained bikes. If you are with your family then they also provide bikes for kids. So ride your way down to the beach with the cool breeze brushing against your skin and relaxing your nerves.