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If snook fishing is your thing then you should head to Florida. Considered one of the most exciting catches in the state, snook is a longtime favorite among those who love fishing in Marco Island in Florida. They bite and fight harder than almost any other fish and are also smarter, often swimming into sharp mangroves or dragging the bait under roots to cut fishing lines.

The thousands of mangrove islets abutting the southeast of the island are the place to do it. The fact that snooks are tropical fish and quite feisty ones at that adds to the challenge of catching them. It is not surprising therefore that the waters off the coast of Marco Islands attract visitors from across the U.S. and abroad.

Ask any snooking expert and they will tell you that nothing compares to snook fishing in the extensive canals and backwaters that characterize the place. It doesn’t matter whether you are an ace angler or a novice, you will be ably guided by experts. There’s something about snook fishing that stays with you a long time after you have gone home from your holiday. The tropical waters off Marco Island are just the right place for that kind of experience.
The best time for you you visit is the catch-and-release snook season which falls between September 1 and November 30 and March 1 and April 30. There are other attractions on Marco Island like its many beach resorts and golf course that you can also look forward to visiting. The best way to do so is by Hiring a Bike at one of the Marco Island Bike Rentals.

These Marco Island bike rentals provide you with a great choice with regard to the kind of bike you might want to ride. From single-speed bikes with pedal brakes to e-bikes that can propel you at a top speed of 20 miles per hour you can hire a ride that is just right for you. Riding around on a bike will surely be a lot of fun in the kind of place that Marco Island is. Come to think of it, the place is a veritable tropical paradise with all that it offers in terms of some of the best snook fishing, its many splendid beaches, and stunning natural beauty.
If you visit once you are sure to be hooked and that’s a pun that is intended!

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