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A Complete Travel Guide To Marco Island

Marco Island Bike Rentals

Up for a visit to Marco Island? Are you planning to spend your vacation and happy family time in Marco Island? If yes, you are at the right place. For Marco Island Bike Rental has brought you a complete travel guide to Marco Island. Sounds interesting? Well this guide is even more interesting and informative to make you plan out a tour to Marco Island if you have not planned it yet!

Know Marco Island!

Marco Island is the largest island in the chain of south Florida islands and it is called the Ten Thousand Islands. It is close to Naples and Everglades Island. Marco Island has a lot of beaches and offers an adventurous feeling to tourists. If you plan your tour for a longer period, you can enjoy all the amenities Marco Island has to offer.

● The Best Beaches!
Lined up with almost 100 miles of palm trees, Marco Island provides amazing white sand beaches with turquoise water and beautiful tropical weather. Keewaydin Island, South Marco Beach, Cape Romano, Tigertail Beach, Hideaway Beach, and Panther Key Beach are the famous beaches that you must not miss out on. With a diverse natural landscape and beautiful sightseeing experience, you may feel like your head is spinning with the number of Marco Island activities available.

Places To Visit
Marco Island will never have a shortage of activities or places for visit. Be it a relaxing time spent at the beach or spending your days in the water and your nights in the town with superb sightseeing, Marco Island has plenty of options to match any interest.

Things To Do On Marco Island
The Gulf Coast of Florida offers gorgeous and beautiful beaches, and Marco Island is no exception to it. Marco Island is the largest Island in the Ten Thousand Islands of Florida, whatsoever it may feel like a quaint beach island.

However, you have got a whole lot of things to do in Marco Island with your kids and family. Jet skiing, Paddle boarding, and Water sports and activities like boat tours, golfing, shopping and dining, and exploring wildlife and nature conservation, bike rides and golf cart rides tops the list if you plan for a short tour however the list just goes on with no ending.

Marco Island Bike rental explore the Island
Marco Island Bike Rental offer you the best and the latest exciting way to explore Marco Island at your pace. Get ready to have a jaw-dropping sightseeing experience and explore the beautiful place with Marco Island Bike Rental Shop at Marco Island. Not only do we offer the simple bikes but the all-electric fat-tire bikes that you will get only from us. Besides, we also offer you the golf cart open air rides with ease. If you are looking for a fun, efficient and eco- friendly style of transportation you can always trust us.

Kid’s Favourite!!!
Marco Island won’t make your kids feel bored. Marco Island has a lot many kid zones and amazing activities for your kids that they will be busy with their new favourite and exciting tour location.

● Fun Games!
Marco Island has many fun games to keep your children busy so both you and your kids get to enjoy your vacations. Challenge your kids to a fun game of mini-golf! Spend a couple of hours at Marco Island Golf and Gardens for a game or two of mini-golf with your kids. Also enjoy the funky sculptures and perfectly manicured gardens in the 18-hole mini-golf course to have a great start to your day, to spend your free afternoon or to half a short kids time before dinner. Basketball, bike rides and other games are included as well to make your children love the tour.

Nature and Wildlife!
Marco Island brings you closer to Nature and wildlife. With so many wildlife sanctuaries and conservation and Botanical gardens all around you will feel like you are in Mother Nature’s Lap. Naples Botanical gardens, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Bird Gardens of Naples, and many such wildlife gardens and sanctuaries are present in Marco Island and Naples to make you fall in love with nature. These are major tourist attractions of Marco Island. What else can be more engaging than finding yourself deep inside nature all surrounded with animals, and trees of some hundreds of varieties!

Things that Top the List
Wait! You are not done yet! Here’s a lot more to do in Marco Island. Some things that Top the list. Yes! Dining, cruising, sightseeing, shopping and a lot more are left to do. Let’s know what…

Dining on Marco Island
Marco Island is never out of food. You get food anywhere you go. The resorts, cruises, or the annual festival, you will get to enjoy the best seafood ever. There’s nothing to do but to enjoy the delicious island food and drinks from restaurants, resorts or the most famous annual seafood festival where you will get a variety of regional seafood with some folk music and drinks to make your dining experience entertaining.

Ahead to Naples!
Coming to Marco Island and not visiting Naples is like leaving the party without dinner. It is the shortest trip from across one of the two bridges connecting Marco Island to the mainland. Here you’ll enjoy spending the day downtown at Fifth Avenue South and Third Street South. These are the notable areas for the best shopping experience that Naples has to offer. You will get here almost everything from jewelleries to boutiques, from shell shops, clothes, food, drinks and whatever you may want.

● Boats and Cruises
Tour to Marco Island is never complete without an amazing sightseeing experience. Enjoy the most beautiful sunsets and sightseeing from various Islands and beaches. Having a mind blowing sightseeing of Cape Romano from over a boat or cruise is like a once in a lifetime experience. Imagine enjoying the most beautiful sightseeing with the best boat rides or cruises like Marco Island Princess. Marco Island Princess is the best and the most popular cruise in Marco Island. It provides amazing sightseeing opportunities all along with buffet systems and meals. It is the best thing in all of Marco Island where you get the best experiences of your life.

● Art Galleries and Museums
Do not miss out the Art Galleries and Historical Museums that are situated both in Marco Island and in Naples. They are meant to hold the origin and the history of Marco Island. The Art Galleries specially keep Folk Arts done by their Local Artists. Explore the von Liebig Art Center in downtown Naples and the Marco Island Center for the Arts to see the beautiful and amazing folk arts. Also spend your free afternoon at the museums to know about the origin and history of this beautiful Island.

● More Close to Aquatic Life
Dive deep into aqua life. Do not miss seeing dolphins jumping out of the water and sparkling the pearls or turquoise water in your face. Marco Island has a special dolphin tour that seats up to 6 passengers and infants. You can enjoy seeing the local breeds of dolphins and other water animals and facts about them. If you are lucky enough you can also get a chance to see dozens of dolphins swim with your boat.

Start Planning Your Activities and Trip to Marco Island Today
So? Have you done your bookings now? If not then do it right now! So if you are thinking about a trip to Marco Island, you need to get started today with these top listed activities that are completely for fun and enjoying vacation. Make a plan based on the companions you will be traveling with like friends or family and start booking soon.

Top Tip
If you plan to visit Marco Island during the peak seasons, hotels and top tourist spots tend to fill up fast. Be sure to plan your vacation much before the season and pre book the hotel and events you are planning out before they get booked by others. So are you all ready to explore Marco Island and enjoy and experience all the fun things to do in Marco Island with your family, friends and kids??? If yes, then why wait??? Contact us today!