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Marco Island 4th July Celebration and Fireworks

Marco Island

4th July marks the Independence Day of America and this year it is the 243rd celebration of this national holiday. Your long weekend is perfect with the celebration that includes parties and firework displays across the United States.

Marco Island honours this day firework displays and a number of stand-out events in different destinations.

Being in Marco Island, this is the right time to enjoy the festivities and take part in contests to enjoy your day, while the evenings will be spectacular with the firework and foods.

How you can celebrate?

You can watch the parade in the morning. After the parade is over, take part in different events taking place in different areas across the Island. At the event you can contest for different games and entertainment shows. 

After having a day full of party, beer and food, now you can head on to watch the fireworks display. The lights-up-in-the-sky show starts from around 7p.m. at some location and at other locations it starts from 9 p.m.

There are several opportunities to watch the firework. You can view the firework from any location along the beachfront or from the cruise. You can go to South Marco, Residents (if you have a way in), or Tigertail. The beach front restaurants are also amongst the available options. If you walk over to Residents beach, they will have all sorts of food, games, contests, etc. 

Fireworks at Pirate Cruise: The firework starts from 8 p.m. here. The cruise departs from Salty Sam’s Marina and sails to the Gulf of Mexico to view the fireworks from the water. Now isn’t it exciting!!

Fireworks at San Carlos Bay: Start by watching the sunset, then viewing the fireworks. The tickets include complimentary soft drinks, and snacks.

Have a fun filled day and enjoy your evenings watching fireworks in the beach or anywhere you think is suitable for your mood and choice.