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Golf Carts: The Best Way to Transport on Marco Island

Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals

Marco Island is six miles long. The average person can run the island in a little over an hour. The average vacationer can bike the island in a little under an hour. Rather than on foot or slow wheels, Marco island Golf Cart Rentals gives you the opportunity to cross the entire island in a little under fifteen minutes! If you’re debating whether renting a golf cart is right for you, here’s some things you should ask yourself, and some reasons that you should choose a golf cart for your Marco Island vacation! 

  1. Does anyone in your group have mobility trouble? (Can everyone in your group ride a bike or walk longer distances?)
  2. Are you bringing heavy items like drink coolers, picnic baskets, beach blankets, towels, sand toys and play buckets?
  3. How far away is your hotel or condo from the beach? How about restaurants and shops central to the island?

If you’re thinking, “Wow! I hadn’t thought of that!” We have a solution for you! Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals also rents Bike. Our golf carts can go up to 30 miles per hour, and Marco Island streets are golf cart legal!

Golf Carts Through Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals Are Easy Because: 

  1. Golf Carts can get you where you need to go…fast! Dinner reservation? No problem! Your trusty golf cart can get you there in ten minutes! 
  2. Bringing a cooler to the beach? How about a picnic blanket? Sand toys for the kids? Your golf cart has room to store all of it! No need to worry about leaving the beach toys behind. Bring them all!
  3. Golf carts can move farther and faster than bikes, especially great if you’re bringing younger kids or grandma and grandpa! Golf carts are a safe and enjoyable ride! 

Lastly, you never have to worry about getting your hands on your golf cart! We’ll take care of all of it for you! We can deliver your golf cart no-contact, or we can walk you through the basics of how to use and work it if it’s the first time you’ve used one! Whatever the case, Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals has your back!

The best part of renting from Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals is that we’ll pick up your Golf Cart when you’re finished with it! No need to worry about returning the cart to us! Whether you’re present or not, we can do drop off and pick up to match your needs! So what are you waiting for? Make your golf cart rental today!