Enjoy Marco Island With Golf Cart Rentals

Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals
A barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico off Southwest Florida, Marco Island is a tourist attraction. The island is home to various hotels, resorts, beaches, golf courses, and much more. Because of so many popular places, the Island attracts a large number of people. In addition to popular places, you can do boating, fishing, play golf or watch it. Other than various tourist attractions, Macro Island is also famous as the “Golf Capital of the World” so visiting golf courses at the island is something that you must not miss.

Explore Macro Island with Golf cart rentals

As the Macro Island has so many attractions and so many things to do; exploring the island can become way easier with a golf cart. Yes! You can simply rent a golf cart from Marco Island Golf Cart Rentalsto travel around the beaches, stores, restaurants on the Island. Golf cart allows you to explore the places in the island properly without any worry of traveling from one place to another. You can simply rent a golf cart from Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals for whatever time you want and explore the beauty of the place.

Where to find Golf Cart Rentals for Macro Island

If you also want to explore Macro Island with Golf carts, you can rent these carts through Macro Island Bike Rentals. You can ride around the place in the Street Legal 6 seater Seat Golf Cart of Macro Island Bike Rentals. You can book our golf cart rentals in online mode through our website. On golf cart tour have nice stops like Island Country Club, the downtown shopping district, Marco Island Bird Sanctuary, Tigertail Beach, and other popular places. You may also see natural inhabitants like Gopher Tortoises, Dolphins, Burrowing Owl, etc. on our golf cart tour. All this is available at a reasonable and affordable price. Also, you will get Helmets, E-Bike, Water, Snacks and obviously lots of fun. So, call us today at 239-237-1573 or book online at marcoislandbikerentals.com.

Explore SouthWest Florida With Marco Island Bicycle Tours And Rentals

Marco Island Bicycle Rentals
Best Bike Tours on Marco Island and Naples When it comes to places in South West Florida that ought to be on every tourist’s must-visit list, Marco Island and Naples are top of the heap. Marco Island is defined by its breathtaking beaches, resort hotels, marinas, golf courses, and the spectacular network of inland waterways. hen there is the Tigertail Beach Park with its inland tidal lagoon where one can indulge in a spot of kayaking and paddleboarding.
Naples, of course, is known as a shopping destination par excellence with its exclusive shopping malls. Its golf courses too are quite famous. Then there are the calm waters and endless white “sugar” sand beaches that beckon you. This is the kind of place that you would want to stay for long.

Experience the beauty of Marco Island in a way you have never seen it before. Among the best ways of enjoying what these two places have to offer is to undertake a bike tour of these parts. You could choose different bike tours like North Island Tour, South Island Bike Tour, Real Estate Bike Tour by renting a bike from Marco Island Bike Rentals. In addition, your experienced guide will highlight local businesses and activities of interest and provide in-depth details about Marco that otherwise may never have been known to you.
E-bike on Marco Island

They would take you to parts that are off the beaten track where you could make unexpected discoveries like local wildlife and some spectacularly beautiful spots known only to them. With a variety of bicycle paths throughout the area, you’re never hunting for another adventure to tackle. If you want to focus your time on the best of the best, hire a bike from Marco Island Bike Rentals and explore different bike tours.

Shelling in Marco Island | Marco Island Bike Rentals

The beaches around Naples, Marco Island, provide some of the best shelling opportunities in the US, attracting shell enthusiasts from all over the world. If you are looking for something to soothe your senses then shell collection on one of Marco Island’s splendid beaches is the best choice; as it gives you a relaxed feeling and acts as a fun activity. The delighting view of sugar-white sandy beaches bordered by the clear shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico where gentle waves regularly deposit some amazing seashells onto the shore gives you a soothing peace and helps you beguile your time.

Adding to that the fact that many of these beaches are nesting sites for birds makes your visit worth and much more rewarding. Moreover, not to miss nature, the best way to reach many of these splendid beaches is by Renting a bike from Marco Island Bike Rentals. Marco Island Bike Rentals is the best bike rentals at Marco Island will provide you a wide array of choices when it comes to selecting a comfortable bike to ride. You could go for a single speed bike with pedal brakes or if you think you could do with a little extra power, then perhaps rent an e-bike that would do as much as 20 miles an hour.

On your moments of collecting shells remember that the law prohibits you from picking up a live shell. So be careful while collecting. The best time to indulge in it is at low tide, especially after it gets dark. A full moon night is a very best time to go. It would be a good idea to put the shells you pick up into a mesh bag so that you can easily get rid of the much of the sand and water. The shells can add to your home decor in many ways. Clean your shells for display or refashion it into home décor items or pieces of jewelry.
If you haven’t indulged in shelling before, then Marco Island is the best way to start and capture lovely moments. You will find the whole process irresistible with the spectacular setting and the sheer diversity and beauty of the shells that you can collect.

If you are on the Island or thinking of exploring it soon, then you might want to visit Marco Island Bike Rentals before you head for beaches, bike trails or any other sightseeing places. Renting a bike is the best way to explore the whole island. Marco Island Bike Rentals not only rents your bike but also they provide you with the best comfortable options and ensure safety with their upgraded and well-maintained bikes. If you are with your family then they also provide bikes for kids. So ride your way down to the beach with the cool breeze brushing against your skin and relaxing your nerves.

Snook Fishing In Marco Island

If snook fishing is your thing then you should head to Florida. Considered one of the most exciting catches in the state, snook is a longtime favorite among those who love fishing in Marco Island in Florida. They bite and fight harder than almost any other fish and are also smarter, often swimming into sharp mangroves or dragging the bait under roots to cut fishing lines.

The thousands of mangrove islets abutting the southeast of the island are the place to do it. The fact that snooks are tropical fish and quite feisty ones at that adds to the challenge of catching them. It is not surprising therefore that the waters off the coast of Marco Islands attract visitors from across the U.S. and abroad.
Ask any snooking expert and they will tell you that nothing compares to snook fishing in the extensive canals and backwaters that characterize the place. It doesn’t matter whether you are an ace angler or a novice, you will be ably guided by experts. There’s something about snook fishing that stays with you a long time after you have gone home from your holiday. The tropical waters off Marco Island are just the right place for that kind of experience.
The best time for you you visit is the catch-and-release snook season which falls between September 1 and November 30 and March 1 and April 30. There are other attractions on Marco Island like its many beach resorts and golf course that you can also look forward to visiting. The best way to do so is by Hiring a Bike at one of the Marco Island Bike Rentals.
These Marco Island bike rentals provide you with a great choice with regard to the kind of bike you might want to ride. From single-speed bikes with pedal brakes to e-bikes that can propel you at a top speed of 20 miles per hour you can hire a ride that is just right for you. Riding around on a bike will surely be a lot of fun in the kind of place that Marco Island is. Come to think of it, the place is a veritable tropical paradise with all that it offers in terms of some of the best snook fishing, its many splendid beaches, and stunning natural beauty.
If you visit once you are sure to be hooked and that’s a pun that is intended!

6 Activities to do while visiting Marco Island Bike Rentals

Bicycle Rentals Shop_Marco Island Bike Rentals

Marco Island is the largest island of Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands, and it is full of ten thousand ways to enjoy yourself, with white-sand beaches and watersports by day and attractive sunsets and fine dining at night. It’s an oasis of peace with a coastline bustling with energy and enthusiasm. From family get-togethers to romantic getaways, you’re sure to have the time of your life on Marco Island.

Swimming and Beaches

Marco Island is home to some of the world’s most attractive beaches, with miles of warm sands, turquoise waters, and sunsets that leave you breathless. Swim all year round beneath deep blue skies in the peaceful Gulf water where the temperature is always just around perfect.

Water Activities

Marco Island beaches provides every activity under the Florida sun. Paddle through warm tide pools in search of shells. Go snorkeling in warm water in search of tropical sea life. Charter a fishing boat. Go kayaking or jet skiing. Sign up for an Eco tour that takes you to the home of the manatees and nesting sea turtles. Or simply lie back on sugary white sand watching dolphins play in the surf. The curving coastline never seems to end and neither do the ways to enjoy it.

Walking, Jogging, and Biking

Some of the best ways to get around the island are also the most pleasurable ways to keep active. Bicycle lanes and running paths lattice the Island. But don’t worry about bringing your bikes with you. We offer Bicycle Rentals on Marco island for your whole family. You can also take walks along the beach or amble scenic paths through hibiscus-scented gardens. The Island offers sufficient ways for the kids to keep active too. Mackle Park is one of Marco Island’s most famous family attractions. It’s filled with basketball courts, tetherball, a waterpark, volleyball, Shuffleboard jungle gym in a pirate ship-themed playground.

Dining on Marco Island

Dinner with a backdrop of palm trees and white sand, where the entertainment is delivered by dolphins playing in the surf. This stifling heaven also happens to be a food lover, where you will find everything from casual beach fare to Caribbean cuisine to exclusive five-star hotels. You will savor unique island fragilities like lobster fries and key lime pancakes. There’s no better way to celebrate another perfect day in heaven than dinner at one of Marco Island’s favorite restaurants like Snook Inn, Fin Bistro, CJ’s on the Bay, Sunset Grille, or Joey’s Pizza, all just a short walk from many homes and condos.


No matter where you live on the Island, you’ll find shopping alternatives located conveniently nearby. Marco Walk Plaza is a leading open-air shopper’s paradise filled with movie theaters, spas, boutiques and plenty of fine dining options. Shops of Marco island has something for everyone. In ancient Marco you can stroll through the bar courtyards of Royal Palm Drive, where small tin-roofed shops bring the island’s colorful history to life.

Family Activities

The family joy never ends in Marco Island. The white-sand beaches are filled with unlimited water activities. Lovers of nature won’t want to miss the wildlife refuge, nature preserve, and bird sanctuary. Learn about the Island’s captivating history at the Marco Island Historical Museum. Take a thrilling fishing or shelling cruise. Or head to Mackle Park for basketball courts, shuffleboard, picnic areas, and more.

Visit : Why Marco Island Bike Rentrals Is The Best Shop On Marco Island

Bike Trails in Naples you Must Check Out

When you are in Naples you simply should check out the sights rising a bike. Doing that will let you both explore and discover the scenic southwest Florida area in the best possible manner. Not only will you get more time to take in the spectacular views the area has to offer, but you will also manage to burn a few calories in the process. Of course, if sweating it out is not your scene, you might want to use an electric bike, which is also a lot of fun. 

If you are tempted to go, one of the best places to rent a bike is Macro Island Bike Rentals. Among the bike trails in Naples, you simply have to check out are-

Gordon River Greenway- What’s great about this trail is the fact that it is extremely smooth and extends through an expansive 126 acre of varied topography encompassing palm trees, pine Flatwoods as well as scrubland. For those with an eye for wildlife, the wetlands found in the elevated stretches abound in it.

Pine Island Bike Path- This is an exciting 13-mile bike ride trail that starts in St. James City and terminates in Bokeelia. You will find marshes, forests and swampland along the way. You will find picnic tables along the way, allowing you to take a lunch break.

Rich King Memorial Greenway- This is a great trail for the leisurely rider, what with it passing through serene residential areas offering views of the canal.

Boca Grande Bike Path- This has the unique distinction of being one of Florida’s very first rail trails. It extends along the length of the Gulf Coast Barrier Island. You may be tempted to grab a bite at one of the best restaurants that abut the trail.

Collier County Looks Forward to Its Very Own 70-mile Multi-Use Trail

Marco Island Bike Rentals

The proposed 70-mile multi-use trail seeks to link important communities like Immokalee, Naples. Marco Islands, Everglade City and Golden Gate is something that would enthuze fitness enthusiasts. The decision to add walking, running and cycling trails to the project, in particular, ha been particularly well-received by community members. Already bike rental companies like Marco Island Bike Rentalshave been receiving inquiries from biking enthusiasts keen to check out what the new trail offers. They have a lot to look forward to what with the Paradise Coast Trail salted to be the longest continuous trail system in Collier County once ready.

So if you are keen to put your regular or electric bike through its paces, this is the bike trail you should be heading to. With the obesity rates being what they are in cities and towns across the United States, this initiative by the Naples Pathway Coalition and supported by Collier County’s Metropolitan Organization is certainly a welcome one.

A healthy lifestyle including a fair amount of outdoor activity and physical exercise goes a long way in combating the slew of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure and a multitude of cardiac problems. This multi-use trail will benefit young and old alike in that it will give the young and old residents of important Collier County communities a chance to indulge in some serious walking, running and cycling.

An active outdoor lifestyle is not just good from the point of view of improving your physical health, it also has a very positive impact on one’s mental wellbeing. To that extent, the construction of this trail is something that will have an extremely beneficial impact on the overall physical and mental health of the denizens of these communities. This is something that definitely augurs very well for their future.

Why Marco Island Bike Rentals is The Best Bike Rentals Shop on Marco Island ?

Marco Island Bike Rentals

Remember the days when you were small and take that bicycle of yours to the nearby shops or playground? It was a great time, right! At Marco Island, we wish to give you the same pleasant, carefree feeling for your trip with a variety of bicycle paths.
great tourist attraction :

Marco Island is a great tourist attraction that is growing in leaps and bounds. To make the trip cherishable and enjoyable, most of the tourists are into renting a bicycle. Marco Island Bike Rentals are one of the convenient and trusted bike rentals shops on Marco Island Florida.

With a variety of bikes ranging from traditional beach cruisers to e-bikes to different bike accessories, you’ve got a fleet to choose from. The bike rental is set according to your plan, how long you ought to use the bike – anywhere from one hour to a day to one week.
We at Marco Island Bike Rentals ease out the process of renting a bike.

You must be thinking how? You just have to follow the 4 simple steps:

First, choose a bike from a range of options and press to learn more button.
Second, book a date and time, when you want to ride a bike and go to the checkout page.
Third, we deliver the bike to you on Marco Island.
Fourth, when you are done, we pick up the bike.

We are proud to be the first to offer an all-electric fat-tire bike rental shop on Marco Island. Our e-bike options include Rad Rover, Rad Wagon, and Rad Mini Step-Through. Whether you want to see the sights, or look for a high-performance ride or just trek your way through the island, we’ve got your bike.

In case of any problem or difficulty, we are there to help you out. We don’t brag but we pride ourselves on providing a welcoming atmosphere and serving people who pedal bikes as a commuter, avid cyclists, racers, or pedal lovers. Welcome to our space for any assistance. Call us for Booking 239-237-1573

Marco Island 4th July Celebration and Fireworks


4th July marks the Independence Day of America and this year it is the 243rd celebration of this national holiday. Your long weekend is perfect with the celebration that includes parties and firework displays across the United States.

Marco Island honours this day firework displays and a number of stand-out events in different destinations.

Being in Marco Island, this is the right time to enjoy the festivities and take part in contests to enjoy your day, while the evenings will be spectacular with the firework and foods.

How you can celebrate?

You can watch the parade in the morning. After the parade is over, take part in different events taking place in different areas across the Island. At the event you can contest for different games and entertainment shows. 

After having a day full of party, beer and food, now you can head on to watch the fireworks display. The lights-up-in-the-sky show starts from around 7p.m. at some location and at other locations it starts from 9 p.m.

There are several opportunities to watch the firework. You can view the firework from any location along the beachfront or from the cruise. You can go to South Marco, Residents (if you have a way in), or Tigertail. The beach front restaurants are also amongst the available options. If you walk over to Residents beach, they will have all sorts of food, games, contests, etc. 

Fireworks at Pirate Cruise: The firework starts from 8 p.m. here. The cruise departs from Salty Sam’s Marina and sails to the Gulf of Mexico to view the fireworks from the water. Now isn’t it exciting!!

Fireworks at San Carlos Bay: Start by watching the sunset, then viewing the fireworks. The tickets include complimentary soft drinks, and snacks.

Have a fun filled day and enjoy your evenings watching fireworks in the beach or anywhere you think is suitable for your mood and choice.


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