A Complete Travel Guide To Marco Island

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Up for a visit to Marco Island? Are you planning to spend your vacation and happy family time in Marco Island? If yes, you are at the right place. For Marco Island Bike Rental has brought you a complete travel guide to Marco Island. Sounds interesting? Well this guide is even more interesting and informative to make you plan out a tour to Marco Island if you have not planned it yet!

Know Marco Island!

Marco Island is the largest island in the chain of south Florida islands and it is called the Ten Thousand Islands. It is close to Naples and Everglades Island. Marco Island has a lot of beaches and offers an adventurous feeling to tourists. If you plan your tour for a longer period, you can enjoy all the amenities Marco Island has to offer.

● The Best Beaches!
Lined up with almost 100 miles of palm trees, Marco Island provides amazing white sand beaches with turquoise water and beautiful tropical weather. Keewaydin Island, South Marco Beach, Cape Romano, Tigertail Beach, Hideaway Beach, and Panther Key Beach are the famous beaches that you must not miss out on. With a diverse natural landscape and beautiful sightseeing experience, you may feel like your head is spinning with the number of Marco Island activities available.

Places To Visit
Marco Island will never have a shortage of activities or places for visit. Be it a relaxing time spent at the beach or spending your days in the water and your nights in the town with superb sightseeing, Marco Island has plenty of options to match any interest.

Things To Do On Marco Island
The Gulf Coast of Florida offers gorgeous and beautiful beaches, and Marco Island is no exception to it. Marco Island is the largest Island in the Ten Thousand Islands of Florida, whatsoever it may feel like a quaint beach island.

However, you have got a whole lot of things to do in Marco Island with your kids and family. Jet skiing, Paddle boarding, and Water sports and activities like boat tours, golfing, shopping and dining, and exploring wildlife and nature conservation, bike rides and golf cart rides tops the list if you plan for a short tour however the list just goes on with no ending.

Marco Island Bike rental explore the Island
Marco Island Bike Rental offer you the best and the latest exciting way to explore Marco Island at your pace. Get ready to have a jaw-dropping sightseeing experience and explore the beautiful place with Marco Island Bike Rental Shop at Marco Island. Not only do we offer the simple bikes but the all-electric fat-tire bikes that you will get only from us. Besides, we also offer you the golf cart open air rides with ease. If you are looking for a fun, efficient and eco- friendly style of transportation you can always trust us.

Kid’s Favourite!!!
Marco Island won't make your kids feel bored. Marco Island has a lot many kid zones and amazing activities for your kids that they will be busy with their new favourite and exciting tour location.

● Fun Games!
Marco Island has many fun games to keep your children busy so both you and your kids get to enjoy your vacations. Challenge your kids to a fun game of mini-golf! Spend a couple of hours at Marco Island Golf and Gardens for a game or two of mini-golf with your kids. Also enjoy the funky sculptures and perfectly manicured gardens in the 18-hole mini-golf course to have a great start to your day, to spend your free afternoon or to half a short kids time before dinner. Basketball, bike rides and other games are included as well to make your children love the tour.

Nature and Wildlife!
Marco Island brings you closer to Nature and wildlife. With so many wildlife sanctuaries and conservation and Botanical gardens all around you will feel like you are in Mother Nature's Lap. Naples Botanical gardens, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Bird Gardens of Naples, and many such wildlife gardens and sanctuaries are present in Marco Island and Naples to make you fall in love with nature. These are major tourist attractions of Marco Island. What else can be more engaging than finding yourself deep inside nature all surrounded with animals, and trees of some hundreds of varieties!

Things that Top the List
Wait! You are not done yet! Here's a lot more to do in Marco Island. Some things that Top the list. Yes! Dining, cruising, sightseeing, shopping and a lot more are left to do. Let's know what…

Dining on Marco Island
Marco Island is never out of food. You get food anywhere you go. The resorts, cruises, or the annual festival, you will get to enjoy the best seafood ever. There’s nothing to do but to enjoy the delicious island food and drinks from restaurants, resorts or the most famous annual seafood festival where you will get a variety of regional seafood with some folk music and drinks to make your dining experience entertaining.

Ahead to Naples!
Coming to Marco Island and not visiting Naples is like leaving the party without dinner. It is the shortest trip from across one of the two bridges connecting Marco Island to the mainland. Here you’ll enjoy spending the day downtown at Fifth Avenue South and Third Street South. These are the notable areas for the best shopping experience that Naples has to offer. You will get here almost everything from jewelleries to boutiques, from shell shops, clothes, food, drinks and whatever you may want.

● Boats and Cruises
Tour to Marco Island is never complete without an amazing sightseeing experience. Enjoy the most beautiful sunsets and sightseeing from various Islands and beaches. Having a mind blowing sightseeing of Cape Romano from over a boat or cruise is like a once in a lifetime experience. Imagine enjoying the most beautiful sightseeing with the best boat rides or cruises like Marco Island Princess. Marco Island Princess is the best and the most popular cruise in Marco Island. It provides amazing sightseeing opportunities all along with buffet systems and meals. It is the best thing in all of Marco Island where you get the best experiences of your life.

● Art Galleries and Museums
Do not miss out the Art Galleries and Historical Museums that are situated both in Marco Island and in Naples. They are meant to hold the origin and the history of Marco Island. The Art Galleries specially keep Folk Arts done by their Local Artists. Explore the von Liebig Art Center in downtown Naples and the Marco Island Center for the Arts to see the beautiful and amazing folk arts. Also spend your free afternoon at the museums to know about the origin and history of this beautiful Island.

● More Close to Aquatic Life
Dive deep into aqua life. Do not miss seeing dolphins jumping out of the water and sparkling the pearls or turquoise water in your face. Marco Island has a special dolphin tour that seats up to 6 passengers and infants. You can enjoy seeing the local breeds of dolphins and other water animals and facts about them. If you are lucky enough you can also get a chance to see dozens of dolphins swim with your boat.

Start Planning Your Activities and Trip to Marco Island Today
So? Have you done your bookings now? If not then do it right now! So if you are thinking about a trip to Marco Island, you need to get started today with these top listed activities that are completely for fun and enjoying vacation. Make a plan based on the companions you will be traveling with like friends or family and start booking soon.

Top Tip
If you plan to visit Marco Island during the peak seasons, hotels and top tourist spots tend to fill up fast. Be sure to plan your vacation much before the season and pre book the hotel and events you are planning out before they get booked by others. So are you all ready to explore Marco Island and enjoy and experience all the fun things to do in Marco Island with your family, friends and kids??? If yes, then why wait??? Contact us today!

Your Next Vacation Could Be At Marco Islands!

Marco Island Bike Rentals

Longing to visit the sunny, white beaches of South Florida but want to some solitude? Well, with thousands of tourists, Key West and Miami will surely disappoint you. But don’t lose hope as Marco Island has exactly what you need. Sparkling white, shell-studded beaches, clean waters, less crowd, and extraordinary sunsets make Marco Island a dream destination for people who want to enjoy nature in solitude.

Marco Island is a small barrier island located southwest of Florida’s coast and studded with beaches, marinas, golf courses, and resort hotels. Surrounded by scenic turquoise bays and palm-lined islands, Marco Island is an oasis that offers an adventurous and relaxing experience to tourists and travelers alike.

What to do in Marco Island?

Marco Island may be off the mainland of Florida, but that doesn’t mean that it is any less than much-hyped South Florida. Marco Island has what it needs to be the perfect vacation for travelers and tourists alike. Here’s how you can enjoy your stay in Marco Island:

i. Enjoy the sparkling beaches
If you love Florida for its beaches, then you have got to visit the South Marco Island Beach. The long stretches of pure white sand and the scenic vistas make the south beach a beachgoers paradise. You can soak in the sun for as long as you want and enjoy dolphins frolicking in the water. And when it’s time to go home, collect colorful shells studded all over the beach.

ii. Visit the museum
For visitors who love to delve into the history of the place, Marco Island Historical Museum is the place to be. Inaugurated in 2010, the museum includes exhibits like historical artifacts, photographs, personal accounts, and more of the Calusa Indians who settled here and their journey of development from a small fishing village to a popular touristy place.

iii. Cruise around the island
Marco Island doesn’t only offer panoramic views of the gulf water, it also gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy the coast. Aboard the Marco Island Princess, visitors will have the chance to witness the enchanting coast of Florida. Your onboard captain will provide you a guided tour vividly describing the natural and historical aspects of the place. Visitors can choose from the many package options available to enjoy buffet-style meals and amazing exploratory excursions.

iv. Adore local art
For those interested in art, the Marco Island Center for the Arts would be a must-visit. You may have been to popular museums across the US and worldwide, but if you want a taste of local art, don’t forget to visit the Center for the Arts. The beauty of Marco Island has inspired local artists for generations to produce vibrant works of art. At the museum, you can enjoy beautiful exhibits from popular local artists.

v. Walk through the forest
If you thought Marco Island was just about beaches and surfs, you couldn’t be more wrong. The island has a nearly 2.5-acre preserve of tropical forest with numerous trails at the Otter Mound Preserve. So, if you have had your fill of the sun and beach, you can go out and explore these trails. All these trails are unpaved, making them perfect for bikers, runners, walkers, or anyone who loves the lush of the forests. Moreover, visitors can see many animals along these trails.

vi. Spend a day at Briggs Nature Center
If you love forests and animals, you could spend a day at the Briggs Nature Center on the neighboring Shell Island. The remoteness of the area will surely enthrall anyone looking to spend some time with nature. Combine that with the scenic trails and a variety of wild animals and you have the perfect outing. Visitors can see turtles, foxes, snakes, gators, bobcats, otters, birds, and more along the trails. Moreover, during the breeding season, a variety of fish, turtles, birds, etc. can be seen in their natural habitat.

vii. Take a sip of the best beer and food
The Marco Island Brewery must be on your list if you love craft beer and good food. The brewery brings to craft beer from more than 40 labels to tantalize your senses. A family-owned business, the Brewery does more than just serve beer. It aims to create an unforgettable experience with an indoor/outdoor bar, HD TVs, authentic food recipes, and a fantastic ambiance. Don’t let those empty stomachs and dry throats go anywhere else.

viii. Take a marine life tour
Fauna on Marco Island isn’t restricted to the forests; there is a lot to see in the waters as well. Wildlife tours are arranged by local tour providers and you can see sea turtles, manatees, dolphins, etc. You can also book a tour to secluded beaches where you can collect vibrant shells for keeps.

ix. Enjoy water activities
At Marco Island, you can also participate in water activities like waterskiing, wakeboarding, tubing, parasailing, wave running, paddle boarding, etc. with your friends and family. If you want the thrill of water sports, Marco Island has plenty to offer.

x. Be a part of a local festival
If you are in Marco Island during the third week of March, you can be a part of the 3-day long Seafood and Music Festival. This is one of the largest annual fests held on Marco Island and will make you want more. With endless seafood and non-seafood recipes to try, family events like cooking competitions, and all-day-long music, this festival will bring you back to Marco Island year after year.

How to get in Marco Island Bike Shop and around Florida?

Getting into Marco Island is very easy. You can take a ride from nearby cities like Miami, Orlando, Palm Beach, or Fort Lauderdale. One can also opt for jet service from Marco Island Executive Airport. However, it is the getting around that needs some thought. Though Uber and Lyft are easily available for trips around the Island, it may not be the most convenient and affordable option, especially for solo travelers and couples.

Such tourists or travelers can hire opt for Marco Island Bike Rentals to hire a bike for tours within the island. With a fleet of the best beach cruisers, they make sure that you have the perfect commute during your stay at Marco Island.

Choosing Marco Island bike rentals is the best way to explore the numerous nature trails that run through the island. Moreover, they give you the freedom to spend your time on the island hopping from one attraction to another. It is a fun, economical, and nifty way to travel within the island without the hassle of walking around.

Marco Island Bike Rentals offer electric, fat-tire bikes with a helmet and lock for your safety. You can also hire accessories like co-pilot tagalong, child seat, trailer, beach wagon, etc. to suit your needs. Moreover, you can hire them for a single day or the entire week according to your travel plans. They will deliver and pick up the bike wherever you want so that you don’t have to wait. You can book a bike over the phone or online and expect delivery in less than an hour.

So, the next time you think of a vacation, plan a visit to Marco Island. You sure will long to come back again to this beauty of nature!

The Best Bicycle Rentals on Marco Island

Bicycle Rentals on Marco Island

All here in Marco Island and cannot decide how to explore all of Marco Island? Do not worry, Marco Island Bike Rental is The Best Bicycle Rentals on Marco Island all here to help you out with our exciting and new bicycles both for you and your children. Marco Island Bike Rental delivers the best bikes and bicycles on Marco Island. If you are a fitness freak and want to explore all of the Marco Islands then renting a bike/bicycle won’t be a bad idea. Marco Island Bike Rental presents you all new and amazing bicycles at surprising prices.

Range of Bicycle Rentals on Marco Island

Marco Island Bike Rental has a range of bicycles that includes Jamis Taxi 16, Jamis Taxi 18, Jamis Taxi 20, Jamis Taxi 24, and Jamis Taxi 26. The bicycles are available for every height and age. You can also add a baby carrier and other accessories to your bicycle according to your needs. These are the best for exploring beaches along with maintaining your fitness. All these bicycles come in a constant range of $20 for 24 hours, $35 for 3 days, and $55 for 7days. As you see, you get heavy discounts when you book your bicycles for a longer time. Our range also includes all new and the first in Marco Island, the fat tire bikes first to be delivered by Marco Island Bike Rental.


With Marco Island Bike Rental you do not need to worry about the delivery and pick-ups. We deliver your favorite bikes to your doorstep. Once you are done, we come up to you to pick up the bikes from your place. So you do not need to go anywhere either for pickup or for returning. We try our best to make our customers tour to Marco Islands hassle-free and entertaining.

Enjoy the pearly whites beaches with blue sparkling water all with Marco Island Bike Rentals’ bicycles, so you enjoy the awesome beaches with open-air and tropical weather. Enjoy your holiday at Marco Islands and experience the awesome tropical weather with your family, all with the best bicycles from Marco Island Bike Rental.

Hire A Bicycle on Rental in Marco Island At Very Affordable Price Rate

Marco Island Bike Rental

Planning for a tour to the tropical Marco Island of Florida, or are you already out on Marco Island enjoying your holidays with family? May it be anything, have you decided how you are going to enjoy your road trips or the beaches, the sightseeing, exploring sanctuaries and botanical gardens, the shopping streets or the food festival? If your answer is no and you have no idea about it, then do not worry. Marco Island Bike Rental has bought the all in one solution to your problems.

The Solution!
The solution is Marco Island Bike Rental. Yes, with us you can take your favorite bicycles and bikes on rentals and enjoy your awesome weekend, holiday, or special family time. Yes! You heard that right. Book your favorite bikes and bicycles with us at heavy discounts and amazing offers. Get the best affordable prices for your favorite bicycles for all, you and your children and family. Get awesome accessories to attach to your bicycles. We also offer different baby carriers to be attached to bicycles so you do not have to worry about carrying your baby. We have bought everything to make your bicycle rides hassle-free and worry less. Get the best deals on bicycle rentals only on Marco Island Bike Rental.

Mouthwatering deals.

Marco Island Bike Rentals offers mouth-watering and jaw-dropping deals to its customers

Our amazing deals and offers include:

Jamis Taxi (in different sizes: 16″, 18″, 20″, 24″, 26″): Ride around the beaches with the Jamis Taxi. Available for all heights and ages these bicycles are made of aluminum and come with paddle brakes. The booking price starts from $20 per day to $55 for a week (7days). Book for a longer period to avail of huge discounts.

Red Rover, Rad Wagon, and Rad Mini Step –Through We are the first in Marco Island to deliver these fat-tire bikes with a mixture of power, design, and speed. These bikes come with a 750-watt motor to simply speed up your ride. The price range varies from $50 for 4 hours to $250 for a week (5 days).

Weeride Co-Pilot Tagalong and Pull Behind Trailer, Thule Yepp Maxi Child Seat, All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon: All these accessories so you can easily carry your child with you. These carriages are much in demand since they get easily attached to bicycles. Their range starts from as low as $10 to $55.

All These Carriages Make Your Bicycle And Bike Ride More Easy And Comfortable

With Marco Island Bike Rental you get the best and all new bicycles and bike rentals on Marco Island with the best affordable prices and amazing discounts. We also provide free services like easy delivery and pickups from customers’ doors so they can enjoy their vacations without any extra worries.

Best Affordable Bike Rental Shop on Marco Island Florida

Marco Island Bike Rentals

Marco Island Bike Rentals is the first in Marco Island to offer all fat-tire bikes. Our main motive is to serve our customers the best bikes at the cheapest price possible. We deliver bikes that are new and well maintained so that you don’t find any difficulty while riding the bike and can enjoy a hassle-free ride.

Enjoy riding the bikes near the coasts and on islands to enjoy the awesome tropical environment of Marco Island and experience marvelous sightseeing. Not only these with Marco Island Rental bikes you can go anywhere you want. You can book the bikes for whatever period you wish. We have bought you amazing deals for bike rentals.

Our Affordable Bike Rental Shop in Marco Island & Exciting Range!

Our price range includes the best prices for both bike and bicycle rentals. You get prices as low as $20 only for 24 hours for bicycles and $50 for 4 hours for bikes. You can book your favorite bikes and bicycles for whatever time you wish. We also offer different accessories to attach with your bikes so you can easily take your babies with you for a ride. We make it possible for you to enjoy the holiday with your family together with Marco Island Bike Rentals.

Our range varies from $20 for 24 hours to $55 for 7 days (for bicycles) and from $50 for 4 hours to $250 for 5 days (for our specialized fat tire bikes). Our range for different accessories is available from just $25 for 24 hours to $115 for 7 days.

We have a variety of bikes available at very affordable and attractive rates. You get special deals and mouth dropping offers if you rent bikes for a longer period. With us, you get your favorite bike to enjoy your tour to Marco Islands with full ease and convenience. We offer easy delivery and pick-ups to our customers. So you do not have to worry about your delivery and returns, we do that all for you from your place.

So if you are planning for a visit to Marco Islands or are already here, book your favorite bikes with us only at Marco Island Bike Rentals. Enjoy amazing islands and explore numerous sanctuaries and gardens with Marco Island Bike Rentals‘ all-new fat tire bikes that give you an amazing feel and an awesome ride. Why wait? Contact us now and book your favorite bikes and bicycles.

6 Things To Do While Visiting Marco Island

Marco Island Bike Rentals

If you want to spend your vacations surrounded by many activities and adventures and have a delightful tour then you must visit Marco Island, “The Ten Thousand Island”. Since it is an island many activities you can opt for are water activities although you get to enjoy a lot more with Marco Island Bike Rentals on the island besides water activities. Here is a list of things you can do on Marco Island:

Water Activities: Since Marco Island is all covered with water you get various options to enjoy in the water. You can enjoy parasailing, jet ski, wave runner tours, boat rides, dolphin spotting, fishing, swimming, shelling, and so many other things. You get the freedom to enjoy everything from anywhere you like on the “Ten Thousand Island”.

Beaches and Islands: Enjoy the pearly sand and turquoise water all around Marco Island. Keewaydin Island, Tigertail Beach, South Marco Beach, Cape Romano, Hideaway Beach are some of the famous beaches on Marco Island. You can also visit its neighbors Everglades and Naples, or Paradise Coast.

Sports and Rides: If you are a fitness freak or a sports lover, you got a lot to do here. Marco Island has its own Golf coach where you can enjoy and learn Golf playing. Marco Island has here a kids zone where your children get to enjoy many games. You also get to ride bikes or enjoy an open-air golf cart ride. Marco Island Bike Rentals and Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals are here to provide you with the best deals on bike rentals and golf cart rentals so you enjoy your rides fully.

Museums and Art Galleries: Marco Island has many museums and art galleries to showcase their talents. Marco Island Historical Museum is the famous museum in Marco Island and if you are interested in knowing about the history and origin of the island you can peacefully spend your afternoon here or in Marco Island Center for Arts if you are an Art lover or want to explore the local and folk Arts of the Local Artists of Marco Island.

Cruises and sightseeing: Marco Island has the world-famous Marco Island Princess that gives you an amazing experience. The Marco Island Princess cruise offers Lunch, Dinner, and sunset opportunities and makes your evening worth remembering. You get here many private Cruise options as well and amazing sightseeing. You can even enjoy the sunset from the middle of the ocean with these cruises.

Gardens and sanctuaries: Choosing an Island as your holiday destination is incomplete without Nature and Wildlife. Marco Island has in abundance gardens and sanctuaries that consist of innumerable species of plants and animals and different types of birds. Florentine Gardens Marco Island, Marco Island Botanical garden,Marco Island Nature Preserve and Bird Sanctuary, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Marco Island Eagle Sanctuary, and Otter Mound Preserve are some of the popular places to visit.

Seafood and music festivals: The Island organizes many food festivals and music concerts to please the tourist. Marco Island Seafood Festival is the popular annual seafood festival where you can taste the amazing delicious seafood dishes. The festival is a great delight for both the locals and the tourists.

There are so many other things to do and explore in Marco Island that the list will just go on. Shopping streets, restaurants, resorts, boutiques, spa, and so many things are here for you to explore and enjoy your vacation. Marco Island has all that you need to make your holiday amazing, exciting and fantastic.

Most Famous Tourist Attractions In Marco Islands

Marco Island Bike Rentals

Exploring Marco Island and Naples with Marco Island Bike Rentals: The experience of visiting Marco Island and Naples is in itself like a dream come true. Enjoying your vacation among hundreds of beaches is for sure an amazing thing to think of. However, it’s just not the beaches that attract tourists. Marco Island and Naples have a lot many other things that attract tourists and are major tourist spots. Some of the popular tourist spots are –

Historical and art museums: For visitors interested in knowing about the origin and history of Marco Island and Naples have a common spot, The Historical Museum. The museum is a good place to spend time knowing all about Marco Island and Naples. Marco Island even has an art gallery (exhibition) showcasing folk arts and artworks of various local artists. It’s a great place for art lovers.

Nature and Wildlife gardens: Naples Botanical gardens, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Bird Gardens of Naples, and many such wildlife gardens and sanctuaries are present in Marco Island and Naples. These are major tourist attractions and also adds to the beauty of the Islands. They take you much closer to nature and wildlife. If you are a nature lover or loves to engage yourself among animals, nothing can be more pleasing for you than exploring these sanctuaries and gardens.

Sightseeing boats and cruises: Marco Island is a place known for amazing sightseeing experiences. Enjoying amazing sunsets and sightseeing various Islands and Cape Romano is like a once in a lifetime experience especially when enjoying them with boat rides or on cruises like Marco Island Princess. Marco Island Princess is the best and a popular cruise in Marco Island providing amazing sightseeing opportunities with buffet systems or meals. It’s best for enjoying sunsets with your family.

Seafood festivals: Marco Island organizes an amazing seafood festival where you can enjoy the best seafood items and varieties it. It is one of the major tourist attractions. This colorful and soulful seafood festival simply adds flavor to your vacations. One must make sure not to miss this seafood festival.

Resorts and restaurants: Marco Island and Naples have numerous Restaurants and resorts. All of them have unique features of their own. Tourists spend most of their time in the resorts. Resorts are well equipped with pools and spa facilities and are great for both families and friends. In restaurants, you get amazing, delightful, and mouth-watering dishes that are simply delicious.

Shopping zone: For shopping lovers and especially for ladies out there the Islands have great shopping zones in the streets where you can have an amazing time exploring the streets of Naples and collecting some memories.

There is so much out here in Marco Island and Naples to explore and enjoy with Marco Island Bike Rentals. It’s such a wonderful place that everything out here attracts tourists and every place is a tourist spot. Marco Island is a place to have an amazing vacation and holiday with your family and loved ones and explore its beauty and heritage. So, why wait? Visit Marco Island and Naples soon!

Get Best Golf Cart Rentals in Marco Island, Florida

Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals

Marco Island is an amazing place enriched with so many beaches all around. A perfect destination for your holidays where you can spend days without getting bored. You get so many amazing things to do all over. with Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals, starting from sightseeing to amazing boat rides. From enjoying the Marco Island Princess to Cape Romano. From visiting museums and art galleries to wildlife and Nature. Marco Island covers almost everything one may want to have in their vacations.

If you are a fitness freak you even get Bike rentals to explore the beaches of Marco Island riding your favorite type of bike. You even get to enjoy the famous Seafood festival. If you are a sportsperson you are going to love this place has various sports including Golf, boating, fishing, and many more.

You can enjoy the open air, easy parking, and a smooth ride in one of our golf carts. Marco Island golf cart rental have brought you amazing Golf cart rentals to enjoy the pearly beaches of Marco Island with your families. The golf carts come in 6 and 8 seaters with a friendly driver cum guide. Marco Island golf cart rental have amazing deals and jaw-dropping discounts on your golf cart bookings.

The cost of golf cart rentals start from:

$129 for 2 hours to $189 for a day (24 hours)
$299 for 2 days to $679 for a week (7 days)
$1229 for 3 weeks to $1619 for a complete month.

You can book your golf cart rentals for a longer time to avail huge discounts and get the best deals.

With Marco Island golf cart rentals you can go anywhere in Marco Island easily and explore as many places as you want. The golf cart rentals offer easy and safe driving. The golf carts are spacious and give you the feel of your own private car. We also provide a driver cum guide so that you have an amazing experience in the Island and you don’t miss out on anything.

Enjoy amazing sightseeing and sunset experience and visit your favorite restaurants, enjoy shopping in the streets of the island and delicious seafood all with Golf Cart Rentals.

Exploring Paradise Coast of Marco Island With Marco Island Bike Rentals

Exploring Paradise Coast With Marco Island Bike Rentals

The Paradise Coast is a natural and cultural gem tucked away in Southwest Florida, where the turquoise water meets pearly white sand, and wild islands full of artful and culinary treasures. The Paradise Coast joins Naples, Marco Island, and Everglades City. Naples, Marco Island, and The Everglades offer great charming and luxurious holidays, with great shopping, thriving nature and culture scene, and a lot more. Marco Island is the largest of the area’s “Ten Thousand Islands”. Visitors to Marco Island can enjoy beautiful, white-sand beaches, fresh seafood, and amazing sightseeing. You can explore them all with Marco Island Bike Rentals.

Nature and wildlife

Enjoy the wildlife and dig deep into Nature with Marco Island bike rentals. Paradise Coast dedicates almost 80 percent of its land to wildlife and Nature preserve, where most of the area is covered by the Everglades ecosystem and hundreds of species of colorful birds, fresh and saltwater fish, alligators, Florida black bear, and the endangered Florida panther. If you are a nature lover and loves to ride a bike, then Marco Island Bike Rentals is here at your service.


Enjoy the shore of Paradise Coast that is spread with some 80 miles of soft white pearly sand and turquoise blue water in your own bike from Marco Island Bike Rentals. You can also visit Tigertail Beach and South Beach parks on Marco Island, and many nearby island beaches riding in your Marco Island Bike Rentals including Keewaydin Island and the many deserted Beach Islands which are among the “Ten Thousand Islands” of Marco Island.

Art and culture

You can enjoy the Paradise Coast’s thriving arts and culture which includes amazing exhibitions in Museums namely The Baker Museum, the famous Everglades photographer Clyde Butcher’s Big Cypress Gallery, the Naples Art Association Galleries, and the Marco Island Center for the Arts. One also gets to enjoy musical concerts and performing arts. . The rich history of the region, its origin and culture, and much information about the place is displayed at the area’s many historical museums. There are even some museums for children’s delight.


Take a ride to the streets of the Coast with Marco Island Bike Rentals and enjoy shopping from the varieties you will get here.

In Third Street South you will get amazing art galleries, fashion houses and boutiques, and outdoor cafes and restaurants, all within walking distance of the beach. Have a fantastic ride all over the streets and have enjoyed the absolute shopping bliss. Fifth Avenue South is also well equipped with art galleries, antique shops, and museums, and many restaurants.

Paradise Coast is the most famous and renowned holiday destination and it attracts tourists throughout the year. If you are planning to visit Paradise Coast make sure to pre-book your Bike rentals from Marco Island Bike Rentals. With us, you can fully explore the Paradise Coast and enjoy your holiday fully.

Why Choose Marco Island As Your Travel Companion On Vacations

Marco Island Bike Rentals

Marco Island is named among the 20 best places for Vacation in Florida. The Tropical climate makes Marco Island the best place for vacation. It is best known for the number of beaches, cycling and exploring the town. Marco Island attracts tourists throughout the year because of its beautiful beaches and a number of events and activities that take place. Resorts, beaches, delicious food, Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals and a lot of adventures are what make Marco Island the best companion on vacations.

Here in this article you will why you should choose Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals as your next vacation destination:

● Beaches: Marco Island has a number of beaches for sightseeing and spending time with Nature. Keewaydin Island, South Marco Beach, Cape Romano, Tigertail Beach, Hideaway Beach, and Panther Key Beach are some of the most famous beaches of Marco Island that attracts tourists the most. You will have a fun time on vacation with these beaches.

● Marco Island Princess: Wants to explore Marco Island through waterways? You can always try this 100 feet long Marco Island Princess that sails from Rose Marina. Marco Island Princess is best for sightseeing, sunset, and Nature. It also has various cruise packages for both day and night time. Enjoy your vacations and relax on Calm water with Marco Island Princess.

● Historical Museums and Art Centres: Enhance your knowledge about Marco Island origin and history by visiting the historical museum. The museum is located in Heathwood Drives. It is best for the ones who want to explore and know about Marco Island’s originality and history.
For the ones interested in Arts, Marco Island Centre for Art can be the best place to spend mornings and evenings there. It showcases artworks by regional artists.

● Restaurants and Food: Marco Island has numerous Restaurants that provide delicious food at a reasonable price. There are various continental foods to explore. Food carnival and music festivals are some events that offer top-class seafood on the Island.

● Adventures: If you are an adventurous person or you want to have a vacation full of adventures, Marco Island can turn out to be the best companion. Marco Island is full of adventures. It includes boating, surfing, parasailing, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, golf, cycling, and much more.

There are a lot of other things to do on Marco Island. It has Bike Rentals to have a ride throughout the Island and explore. For those who are interested in golf, they can rent a golf cart from Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals. Marco Island is full of shopping streets which gives the best shopping experience throughout. There are numerous other things to do and many places to go to. One must visit Marco Island Golfcart Rentals to explore all of it and have the best vacation experience ever
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